Fun Events During FTW 9.12.14 – 9.14.14

Check out some of the fun events planned during the September Free There Weekend! This is just a small sample of what’s happening in There over the next few days. Whether you want to chat with friends over a cup of coffee, dance the night away or explore the many islands of There in a hoverboat or TUV, we’ve got you covered!

FTW is absolutely FREE, so invite your friends and family to try out our beautiful 3D Virtual World! Miss some of your buddies from Old There? Tell them to come back for the Weekend. FTW is held on the second weekend of every month and new and old members are always welcome! We’ll see you There!

Free There Weekend Events

Cross Country Racing Feast Day

Category: Buggy
Locaton: Bananaphone
Description: A race to gather items for the feast. Good luck to all of our racers. May the hungry win!
Date: Friday, September 12th
Time: 5:00 PM PDT/9:00 PM EST
Join the Cross Country Racers club! Racing wihtout borders, CCR is all about fun exploration and of course winning!

Ice Cream Social

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2014-09-12 16-56-51
Category: Social
Location: Island Ice Cream Parlor
Description: Enjoy an ice cream sundae with friends while relaxing and listening to music from the Oldies!
Date: Friday, September 12th
Time: 10:00 PM PDT/1:00 AM EST
Join the sweetest club in There! The Ice Cream Social Club.

Mad Gab Song Titles

Category: Quests
Location: JS Designs and Questing Club
Description: Try to guess the Mad Gab song title! Hosted by Susanszy.
Date: Saturday, September 13th
Time: 5:00 AM PDT/8:00 AM EST
Join the JS Questing Club for great quests, great fun and great adventures!

Breakfast Club
Category: Life In There
Location: Cheeseburger in Paradise
Description: Stop by for some coffee, chat and laughs with friends old and new at the best little diner in There!
Date: Saturday, September 13th
Time: 6:00 AM PDT/9:00 AM EST
Hang out at the best little diner in There on Hippie Islands for coffee, chat and laughs! Join the Breakfast Club.

Rock N Roll at Rock It Diner
Category: Party
Location: SeaSide Cover Rock It Diner
Description: Come dance your butt off at SeaSide Cover Boardwalk and Rock It Diner. Martin and Kazza will be spinning 50’s and 60’s music all night!
Date: Saturday, September 13th
Time: 5:00 PM PDT/8:00 PM EST

BABS Floatilla

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2014-09-12 17-28-51
Category: Tours
Location: SeaSide Cove BABS Airport
Description: Grab your favorite hoverboat and a friend, as we cruise the shoreline of Aurora from SeaSide Cove to Shorah.
Date: Saturday, September 13th
Time: 7:00 PM PDT/10:00 PM EST

RidgeRiders: Gnarly Ridges
Category: Recreation
Location: The Ridge
Description: Let’s ride the gnarly ridges of Western Aurora! Bring your TUV and tell your friends!
Date: Sunday, September 14th
Time: 6:00 PM PDT/9:00 PM PDT

Finding Activities in There

You are just a click away from fun things in There! When you select Activities > Find Activities, you’ll see a page similar to the one below. You can browse all the events scheduled for the day or week, or you can select event categories such as exploring, sports, games, and shows.  There is something for everyone!



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