Fun Events During FTW 10.10.14 – 10.12.14

There are lots of fun events scheduled during the October Free There Weekend! There is something for everyone from fashion shows to floatillas to a Walking Dead viewing party. During the month of October our community has many exciting Halloween events planned. Lots of haunted houses are popping up all over There. Grab some friends and see what kind of fun you can get into!

FTW is totally free and will not cost you a dime to play! You can check out what our virtual world has to offer and participate in many different types of activities. If you like what you see, invite a friend or family member to join you. There is a great place to meet up with loved ones who live far away. FTW is held on the second weekend of every month and new and old members are always welcome! We’ll see you There.

Free There Weekend Events

KISS Music Quest hosted by Jayess1
Category: Quests
Location:JS Designs and Questing club
Description: Alright There Com! You Wanted The Best! You Got The Best! The Hottest Quest In The World….KISS!!!
Date: Saturday, October 11th
Time: 5:00 AM PDT
Join the JS Questing Club for great quests, great fun and great adventures!

Camp Coffee Hosted by IslandJumper
There_Pyrena_Zosime_2014-10-09 18-04-30
Category: Conversation
Location: Sandy Cove
Description: Camp coffee morning chat group. Join us around the campfire for some of the best camp coffee in THERE. Giant pot of coffee brewing just for you!
Date: Saturday, October 11th
Time: 5:59 AM PDT

Breakfast Club hosted by racesmart
Category: Life In There
Location: Cheeseburger in Paradise
Description: Stop in for some coffee, chat and laughs with friends old and new @ the best little diner in!
Date: Saturday, October 11th
Time: 6:00 AM PDT

UDU October Fashion Show hosted by Unicrystal
There_Pyrena_Zosime_2014-10-09 18-09-40
Category: Fashion and Beauty
Location: Mystical Paradise Performing Art
Description: You are cordially invited to attend a UDU Fashion show. Great costumes and designs by Unicrystal Design and 2014 UDU Graduates.
Date: Saturday, October 11th
Time: 5:00 PM PDT

Avie Golf hosted by Perceptii0n
Category: Games
Location: Top of the World
Description: Come play avie golf or volunteer to be a ball!
Date: Saturday, October 11th
Time: 5:00 PM PDT

Jump the Hole at SleepyK hosted by BaphNagi
Category: Buggy
Location: SleepyK
Description: Drive yer Classic Buggy Up the Long Ramp and Fly Through the Hole in the Rock to Qualify for the DiceRoll at End of Event to WIN a Buggy! ENJOY!!
Date: Saturday, October 11th
Time: 6:30 PM PDT

BABS Creepy TYR Floatilla hosted by Jayess1
Category: Welcome Events
Location: Venu Vash
Description: Come join the BABS team for a creepy floatilla around Tyr Island.
Date: Saturday, October 11th
Time: 7:30 PM PDT

The Walking Dead Viewing Party hosted by Riot_Girl_1
Category: Social
Location: Terminus
Description: Come on out to the Walking Dead season 5 premier viewing party! Viewing links will be provided to those that don’t have cable. Those who arrive survive.
Date: Sunday, October 12th
Time: 6:00 PM PDT


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