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Bio: There was created to take online communication to a new level, allowing people to incorporate emotion, body language, and even voice into real-time communication with one another—just like in real life. People from all over the world have joined There and grown it into a diverse community with something exciting to offer almost anyone.

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  1. Don’t have Face Book anymore

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  2. Sounds awsome how do I go about signing up

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    1. Hey Brian!

      If you’re creating a brand new avatar, just press the MALE or FEMALE button on http://www.there.com to get started!


  3. there.com used to be full now it’s empty , wish the admin bring back the free registration , people who don’t have money will always do , but they will bring people who do have money to spend


    1. Hi demetrek! Welcome back to There. There are lots of folks who log in and participate in daily, weekly, holiday and themed events. You can find people by searching the activity page and signing up for a fun event. People also tend to gather in Neighborhoods. You can search a list of Neighborhoods to visit on the Places Page. Not sure if you are aware of this, but we currently have Free Trials. It does not cost anything to play in There, but with the Free Trial some of the activities you can do are limited. Here’s a helpful link to our FAQs http://www.there.com/newFAQ.htm.


  4. Please make it possible for mac users already 😦


  5. Cool site man 🙂


  6. Dear There.com
    your site, is my teen years, spent almost all my day chatting and exploring, and it is sad to see t everyone left, wish if you could do some ads and try your best to make it alive again, anyhow, good luck.


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