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There is a social virtual world where people go to spend time with friends, meet new ones and have fun in a beautiful 3-D environment. There was created to take online communication to a new level, allowing people to incorporate emotion, body language, and even voice into real-time communication with one another – just like in real life. People from all over the world have joined There and grown it into a diverse community with something exciting to offer almost anyone.

Welcome Walkway New Member Area
Welcome Walkway New Member Area

When you create a new member account in the Virtual World your Avatar will spawn on the Welcome Walkway. The WW is a special new member area where you figure out how to move your avatar, learn to emote and communicate by text-chat with new member helpers called Phoenix Stars. After you’ve got the basics down, board the There blimp at the end of the walkway to travel over to the the new member arrival area called Zona Island. Thereians like to play Paintball on Zona and meet up with new and returning members on the small island.

Zona Island New Member Landing Area

If you signed up as a FREE Silent Trial Account, you’ll only be able to text-chat with Phoenix Stars (New Member Helpers) or There Staff. You will be able to see other Silent Trial Account, Basic Trial Account or Premium Membership Account Avatars playing in There, but you will not be able to communicate with them unless you upgrade your membership. They will not be able to see your text-chat bubbles and you will not be able to see their chat bubbles or hear their Voice. They will not be able to see your real Avatar name. Your FREE Silent Trial Account nametag will show up looking something like…Guest_123456. You can see other Avatar’s emotes and they can see yours.

If you want to find someone to communicate and text-chat with, look for There Staff or a Phoenix Star New Member Helper. You can easily find There Staff by the There logo icon in the Staff members nametag. Phoenix Stars have a shiny star in front of their nametag.

Silent Trial Account & There Staff
Silent Trial Account & Phoenix Star – New Member Helper
Silent Trial Accounts, Phoenix Stars & There Staff

Phoenix Stars are a friendly group of Thereians dedicated to helping new members navigate our beautiful 3-D world. They volunteer their time to help new members learn how to use the toolbar, teleport to new locations, attend fun events and help introduce you to new friends.

Phoenix Stars

Members of the Phoenix Stars are located in the United States and all around the world, so no matter what time zone you are in, there is always someone available to chat with and ask questions.

The first place to look for a Phoenix Star is in World Chat. In World Chat you can communicate via Instant Messaging with other members. When you are a new member, you are automatically logged into World Chat the first ten times you log into There. If you have a question or need help, post a message in World Chat and one of the Phoenix Stars will respond.

To enter World Chat, go to the bottom of your toolbar and click on People > Show World ChatIf you cannot locate a Phoenix Star in World Chat, you can click on the Phoenix Stars group and click on Members. The member list will show you who in the group is online and available to help. Click on the IM icon to start an IM window with a Phoenix Star or click on the mail icon to send them a There Mail.

View the Phoenix Stars Club page and search for members online that you can chat with. Open the Club Page and click on Members. You can Instant Message any Phoenix Star online and they would be glad to help you out or show you around.

You can also stop by the Phoenix Stars Outreach ClubHouse on Zona Island. There is generally one or two Phoenix Stars walking around Zona saying hello to new members.

Phoenix Star Clubhouse on Paiz Island

Visit a Spa to customize your Avatar’s face and body. You can change your Avatar’s head shape, facial features, body tone and skin color.

Zona Island Spa Center

Needing some new clothes to express your individuality? Check out the Try-It Huts on Zona Island. There are several mannequins on display wearing the latest designer fashions in There. You can click on the mannequins different clothing components and try them on. You can shop for men’s and women’s clothing in the Auctions or Shop Central.

Mannequins model new Designer clothes at the Try-It Hut

Here’s a helpful list of New Member Frequently Asked Questions…

Where can I go to get help?

Text Bubble Chats
Instant Messages

How do I communicate?

Knowledge Base Articles
Phoenix Star – New Member Helper
Member to Member Help Group
Contact There Staff

How do I move around?

On Foot
Teleport and Summons
There Maps
Searches and Links
Looking Around

How do I interact with objects?

Action Tags
My Things Menu
Documents and Signs
Dropping Items In Zones

Chat and Activity Flags

Where do I buy Therebucks to spend on virtual goods from the Auctions and Shop Central?

Therebucks are paid for through your PayPal or Stripe account. The purchase begins by clicking on the Buy Therebucks link in the 3-D world or on our 2-D web pages. Please do NOT send us random payments by going directly to PayPal… we won’t know what to do with the money! Free Pizza for lunch?! An alternative payment process your can use instead of PayPal is Stripe. You can use Stripe to process debit cards and credit cards.

How can I earn Therebucks?

You can earn Therebucks by being a Developer and selling your virtual goods in the Auctions to other members. You can also earn Therebucks by becoming a Neighborhood Owner.

Can other people give me stuff?

Yes, if you are a Premium Member account you can give and receive virtual items from other members. If you are a Free Silent Trial Account or a Basic Membership Account, you will not be able to receive or give gifts to others.

Why do people keep lending me stuff?

People in There are friendly, even if they can’t talk to Silent Trial Accounts. Other members will loan you fun virtual items to play with. You can accept the items and find them in your inventory by going to My Things on your menu bar.

How can I buy land and decorate my dream home and garden?

FREE Silent Trials and Basic Account Trials are not able to purchase or rent Real Estate in There. You must have a Real Estate zone to decorate in. If you’d like to build your dream home and garden in There, upgrade to a Premium Membership Account to be able to purchase a Real Estate zone and shop for home and garden items in the Auctions. Read our helpful article on Making There Your Home.

Where do I go to read and send Theremail?

To create a Theremail to send to someone go to their Profile. You’ll see a small envelope mail icon on the top left side. Click the email icon. This will open up a Theremail window for you to compose your letter. Check the Send Me a Copy box in order to get a copy of your Theremail sent to your registered Avatar email account. When a person receives a Theremail it is forwarded to their regular email. In order to reply to the Theremail, the receiver must log into the There web pages or the 3-D world to compose a Theremail and send it back to you. You cannot hit the reply button on a Theremail you receive to your regular email. The reply won’t make it to the person you are trying to send it to. You must compose a Theremail by logging into your Avatar account.

How can I get an age check so that I can communicate with others?

Every time you log in, we will prompt you to pursue an age check. You will need to successfully charge $0.50 to your There account through PayPal  to perform an age check. If the payment processing services believe you are 18 then we do too. It’s not really a fee per say as we credit you $0.50 USD in Therebucks.

What kind of trial accounts or membership types are available in There?

Premium Membership – $10.00 USD per month
Basic Trial Account – One-time fee of $0.50 USD
Silent Trial Account – FREE 24/7

Silent Trials Accounts are limited in their communications. Free members are only able to text-chat with Phoenix Stars (New Member Helpers) or Staff members. If you’d like to be able to text-chat with other members in There, you can upgrade to a Basic Trial Account with an age-check by charging a one-time $0.50 fee to your PayPal. Trial accounts include the Explorer Pack and ability to listen to music in-world. Trial members are limited in their economic activities and cannot buy or rent Real Estate. Trial accounts cannot give or receive gifts from other members. Read the low-cost membership trials help article for more information about account limitations.

Premium Membership Accounts are the best way to enjoy playing in the virtual world There. This affordable monthly membership breaks down to only $0.33 USD per day. The plan includes Voice that allows your avatar to speak out loud and the ability to hear others in real time. For only $10 a month you can customize your 3-D avatar, text chat, advance your skill ladder, attend and host events, voice chat with friends, bookmark your favorite places, design virtual goods, shop and list items for sale, join up to 100 clubs, own Real Estate and much more with a Premium Membership Account in There. Premium accounts are available through PayPal and Stripe. Your PayPal account will need to have a validated mailing address and be linked to a reliable backup funding source (generally, a credit card) before you will be able to initiate your Premium Membership monthly subscription in There. Upgrade to a Premium Membership Account to get all of the bells and whistles There has to offer.

I don’t have a PayPal account. How do I pay for a monthly Premium Membership?

You can use Stripe as an alternate money processing payment system. Stripe is a card processor that accepts a variety of credit and debit cards from around the world. If your card is supported, you may use Stripe to purchase Therebucks or a Premium Membership. Please note that gift subscriptions, Basic Trial Accounts and Real Money Developer Sales are only available for purchase through Paypal.

How do I change my nametag color? 

For a 36,000T fee you can change your nametag color to one of the sixteen available team colors. Go to your Profile. Click on Member Info> User Preferences>Change My Nametag Color. Please note that the ability to change nametag colors is blacked out two weeks before and two weeks after a winter or summer There Games event. If you cannot change your nametag color then we are currently in a blackout period. Join your new nametag color team to get invited to seasonal There Games events. There is no limitation to the number of times you can change your nametag color.


How do I find people in There? 

There is a great big world with several Islands and lots of wide-open virtual space. People teleport and travel by vehicle to explore the Virtual World and discover thriving Island communities. It’s good to know when and where to find friends in There when you’re  looking socialize online. The best way to locate other members in There is by signing up for daily scheduled Events and exploring Neighborhood hangouts.


What do you mean by “old” There? 

There’s Virtual World population soared in the 2000’s. In March of 2010 There closed. The 3-D social platform was rebooted in 2012 under a different business model offering monthly Premium Membership Accounts. When members or Staff refer to “old” There they are talking about the game prior to 2010. Our current Virtual World is considered “new” There.

How do I cancel my Premium Account subscription if I make monthly payments through Stripe?

Payments made through Stripe can be canceled through your There profile. View your profile, click on Member Info>Manage Avatar Subscription>Cancel your monthly subscription. You can restart your Premium Account Membership at any time.

How do I cancel my Premium Membership Account monthly subscription through PayPal?

Visit PayPal to cancel your monthly subscription. It will appear on your account as a Subscription/Recurring Payment with the name Monthly Subscription for Avatar (Your Avatar’s Name). After cancelling, you will be able to continue to log with all of the Premium Membership perks until the end of your pre-paid period. There are no refunds for monthly subscription payments. You can restart your Premium Account Membership at any time.

What happens when I cancel my monthly subscription?

When you cancel your monthly Premium Membership Account either through PayPal or in your There Profile if you use Stripe, all monthly payments will automatically stop being collected. Your Avatar will retain full premium perks until the prepaid portion of your monthly subscription expires. When your Premium Membership Account ends, your avatar will revert to a Basic Trial Account with limitations. You will still be able to use text chat to communicate, but you will no longer be able to use Voice to talk to your friends. You can upgrade your membership at anytime to get your Voice and premium perks back.

Can you tell me exactly when my privileges will revert after I cancel my monthly subscription?

Not really. The monthly subscriptions are managed by our payment processors PayPal and Stripe. The There system takes action to remove your privileges as soon as an email communication is received from the payment processors that your monthly subscription has ended.

Read the full list of There Frequently Asked Questions.

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