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Superhero Saturday Night Motu Motu Card Event at the Mahalo Neighborhood.

Legacy Avatars who have not stepped foot in the Virtual World There since the year 2010 have been returning home in droves to their beloved online game since the start of the shelter at home orders across the globe due to the spread of Coronavirus. People are shifting to different ways of socializing in these times of quarantine and self-isolation.

There is a place where people can stay connected and socialize online in a beautiful 3-D environment that is leaps and bounds beyond being limited to sharing text, photos and videos like on a web-based social platform. Legacy Avatars remember what it’s like to sit at a card table, fly in a hoverboat, drive cross-country in a buggy and be able to socialize at a virtual happy hour in There with the company of good friends.

In these times of uncertainty and loneliness, old members are returning home to There to socialize and connect online with friends they haven’t seen in over a decade. Returning Legacy Avatars are introducing their real-life family and friends to There as new members to be able to stay connected and have fun online with loved ones during times of social distancing.

There is a great cure for isolation boredom. Download the Virtual World and take back your social life. Your friends are still here and more are returning everyday. You can easily resurrect your Legacy Avatar’s look-set, inventory and skill ladder in new There. It will be just like old times!

For information on how to bring your Avatar back to life, read our most frequently asked questions for Legacy Accounts returning to There.

I am a Legacy Avatar returning home to There. How do I get my account back?

Go to Press the female or male button to get started making an Avatar in new There. For returning members, you will want to pick the same gender of your original Avatar. After choosing your Avatar hairstyle and clothing, when prompted use your OLD Avatar name and your OLD password to resurrect your past account in new There. The system will recognize that you are trying to reclaim your old Avatar and will recreate it to look just like you did the last time you logged out of our Virtual World back in 2010.

Is There still free to play?

Yes! You can resurrect your Legacy Avatar and log into the Virtual World There as a Silent Trial Account for FREE. We used to hold events called Free There Weekends, but FREE accounts are now available 24/7, every day  of the year! As a Silent Trial your communication will be limited to text-chat with Phoenix Stars (New Member Helpers) and Staff members only. You can easily identify a Phoenix Star because they have a star in their nametag. Staff Avatars have the There logo icon in their nametag. Silent Trial members are born with a generic nametag like guest_1234567. When a Silent Trial Account spawns in Zona, they can see everyone on the Island, but they are not able to hear other people’s Voice or see their chat bubbles. Only Staff and Phoenix Stars are able to see Silent Trial Account text-chat bubbles. Upgrade your membership so you can talk to everyone! A monthly Premium Membership Account comes with all the bells and whistles like Voice, Real Estate, decorating and more.

Silent Trial Accounts hanging out with Phoenix Stars and Staff at the Jungle Pools.

What kind of trial accounts or membership types are there in new There?

Premium Membership – $10.00 USD per month
Basic Trial Account – One-time fee of $0.50 USD
Silent Trial Account – FREE 24/7

Silent Trials Accounts are limited in their communications. Free members are only able to text-chat with Phoenix Stars (New Member Helpers) or Staff members. If you’d like to be able to text-chat with other members in There, you can upgrade to a Basic Trial Account with an age-check by charging a one-time $0.50 fee to your PayPal account. Trial accounts include the Explorer Pack and ability to listen to music in-world. Trial members are limited in their economic activities and cannot buy or rent Real Estate. Trial accounts cannot give or receive gifts from other members. Read the low-cost membership trials help article for more information about trial account limitations.

Premium Membership Accounts are the best way to enjoy playing in the virtual world There. This affordable monthly membership breaks down to only $0.33 USD per day. The plan includes Voice that allows your avatar to speak out loud and the ability to hear others in real time. For only $10 a month you can customize your 3-D avatar, text chat, advance your skill ladder, attend and host events, voice chat with friends, bookmark your favorite places, design virtual goods, shop and list items for sale, join up to 100 clubs, own Real Estate and much more with a Premium Membership Account in There. Premium accounts are available through PayPal and Stripe. Your PayPal account will need to have a validated mailing address and be linked to a reliable backup funding source (generally, a credit card) before you will be able to initiate your Premium Membership monthly subscription in There. Upgrade to a Premium Membership Account to get all of the bells and whistles There has to offer.

I don’t have a PayPal account. How do I pay for a monthly Premium Membership?

You can use Stripe as an alternate money processing payment system. Stripe is a card processor that accepts a variety of credit and debit cards from around the world. If your card is supported, you may use Stripe to purchase Therebucks or a Premium Membership. Please note that gift subscriptions, Basic Trial Accounts and Real Money Developer Sales are only available for purchase through Paypal.

You can upgrade to a Basic Trial Account for a one-time fee of $0.50 USD. You’ll be able to text-chat with everyone with the exception of Silent Trials. Your Avatar will be credited the amount of the small fee in Therebucks. With the Basic Trial Account you can text chat with Premium Accounts, Basic Trials, Phoenix Stars and Staff members. Read the list of limitations with low-cost Trial Accounts. If you want to be able to use Voice, buy Real Estate, give/receive/trade with other members you can upgrade to a monthly Premium Membership Account for $10.00 USD per month.

I’ve recreated my Avatar, but I can’t seem to be able to log into the 3-D Virtual World.

You will need to verify your email address before you can log into the 3-D world. Go to your email account associated with your Avatar and click on the link to register your email. Once you are logged into the 3-D world you can go to your Profile settings and update your email address to a current email address that you would prefer to use. If you do not see the verification email, check your spam folder. Email addresses must be unique to each Avatar. No two Avatars can share the same email address.

I forgot my password and the forgot name or password feature says my Avatar doesn’t exist!

The Forgot Name or Forgot Password tools are for brand-new Avatars only. If you are a returning member, these tools will not work for you. Legacy Avatars need to use the Help Me Remember Stuff tool to recover your account information.

I forgot my old password, my old email no longer works and I never set up a secret answer on my old Avatar.

Email Staff at with as much information about your Avatar as you can remember. We will try to do what we can for you, but for obvious reasons we must be able to adequately identify you were the original owner of the Avatar.

When I try to enter my old username and password to create my Avatar in new There it tells me my Avatar name is not available.

This means there was some form of moderation on your Avatar account in old There. It is our policy not to allow banned members from old There to establish their Avatars in new There. If you feel there was a misunderstanding about any moderations on your account, you can reach out to our Staff to review your case by emailing

When I try to recreate my Avatar it says that it is already in use in new There. 

It’s been several years since new There has reopened. Are you sure that you did not forget about resurrecting your Avatar back in the early days? If your Avatar has been reclaimed, hopefully it was by you and not someone else. Search your email inbox for the Welcome to There email to see if you can find a record of recreating your Legacy Avatar account. Email Staff at and we will help you get things sorted out.

Silent Trials, Phoenix Stars and Staff goofing off at the Old Watering Hole.

Where is all of my stuff? I re-created my old Avatar and I’m logged into the 3-D world, but I don’t see any of my virtual goods or skill ladder.

Your old stuff does not automatically show up. Staff will need to migrate over all of your old possessions, skills and favorite places within a few days of resurrecting your Avatar. Please note, the manual migration of items by Staff can only be done on a weekday during business hours. If you recreate your old Avatar on a weekend and expect to log in and see all of your old stuff, you will unfortunately be disappointed to have to wait for a few days. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We have limited Staff resources in new There. We will try as hard as possible to recover all of your stuff, but we currently have the following limitations during migrations.  

  • Some interactive items are missing their special customization.
  • Voozoos are no longer supported.
  • All custom vehicles have reverted back to their original stock paint jobs/ wheels/ engines for their chassis.
  • ThereDocs and Questkits are migrated over in their empty, un-configured state.
  • Items originally attained through the Skill Rewards (Golden Tickets) are not migrated. Instead, the migration of your skill points results in you receiving new copies of the Golden Tickets.
  • The Coca-Cola Music Mixer is no longer supported.

Most of my items showed up in my inventory, but I seem to be missing a couple of things. 

Our records show that a large number of possessions were transferred between Avatars during the days leading up to the closure of old There. Our experience in helping members resurrect their Avatars over the last several years is that people tend to forget which of their Avatars owned certain items. We have also noticed that members have forgotten how they came to posses some of their virtual goods. Possessions can only be migrated to their registered owner, not just to whomever had an item in their pocket at the time old There closed. For example, a vehicle that someone lent to you in old There does not belong to you.

Upgrade to a Premium Account to purchase Real Estate and decorate a home in There.

No seriously, I bought stuff for my Avatar and it has not shown up in my inventory in new There.

Are you sure you’re not having trouble finding it in your Organizer? Email Staff at and we will run a special search to verify that you did indeed own the item and we will take a closer look at locating the missing goods for you.

I had an Alt Avatar in old There. Is there any way I can reclaim the virtual items on my Alt’s inventory and transfer them to my Main Avatar’s inventory in new There? 

Yes, there are two ways you can accomplish this. The slow and tedious way to transfer virtual items from your Alt to your Main is to resurrect your old Alt Avatar, upgrade it to a Premium Membership Account so that the Avatar has the ability to Give and Trade. You will need log both Avatars in-world at the same time to to set up a Trade window to transfer the virtual goods over from your Alt to your Main Avatar.  An easier solution to transferring virtual item inventory to your Main Avatar is to use the Claim Possessions tool.  You do not have to log in your old Alt or purchase it a Premium Account or set up a long and tedious trade session if you use the Claim Possessions tool. Please note, once an Avatar has had its possessions claimed with the Claim Possessions tool, it can no longer be resurrected and logged into the 3-D world.  If you want the virtual goods off of your old alt Avatar and you plan to log it into new There in the future, you should not use the Claim Possession tool. You must be logged into the 3-D world on your Main Avatar to start the Claim Possessions.

I used to own a FunZone in old There and now someone else is renting it in new There. 

We maintained a rental reservation system during the first six months of the Virtual World returning back in 2012. If you did not claim your property by that point the Deed or Zone may have been purchased by another member or is now a There-owned open hosting area. You can host events in There FunZones or look for FunZone deeds available in the Auctions for sale by other members.

Bamboo Terrace FunZone – home of the biggest TUV racetrack in There.

I used to run a Club in old There. Can I get it back? 

Yes. We have reserved the names of all the old Clubs. They can only be recreated by the Leader of the Club at the time old There closed. You will notice that member list for your club is empty. Clubs are fundamentally a collection of Avatars. The Avatars in question, may not have rejoined new There yet. You will need to advertise your Club and invite Avatars that you run into online in new There to grow your group’s numbers.

Browse clubs and join groups with shared similar interests.

I was the Leader of a Neighborhood in old There, is it now gone? 

If you were not able to claim your Neighborhood in the first six months of 2012 then your hood was made available to the community to purchase. If you discover your old Neighborhood in There is available and you would like it back, please email Staff at and provide the link or doid to the Neighborhood Zone. Staff will list the hood in an Auction for you to bid on. When the Auction completes, if you are the high bidder the Neighborhood it will automatically transfer to your inventory and you will be the Neighborhood Club Leader. Go on a tour of Neighborhood hangouts in There.

Build your dream home and garden in a Neighborhood community.

I was a Developer and submitted a ton of designs. Will I have to resubmit my designs again?

No, your approved designs in old There will be migrated to new There as soon as you resurrect your designer Avatar and have it join the Developer Program again.

Earn Therebucks or US dollars designing and selling virtual goods in the Auctions.

How long do I have to wait for There Staff to approve my designer submissions in new There? 

There is a new peer-review system in place now to approve designs. Developer Submissions are approved in new There by other Thereians who are also designers.

What’s new in the Developer Program? 

Customized hair color! Yes, Developers can now paint a specific list of available hairstyles. Shop for men’s and women’s customized hair.

Can I start making US dollar sales on my developer designs instead of Therebucks?

Yes! You can start earning real cash in new There with the Real Money Developer Sales option for designers.  To begin, you will need to have a PayPal Merchant Account to receive your incoming payments. You will need to update the address of your PayPal Merchant Account on your There Developer Profile. It is suggested for you to reach out to PayPal and work with them to set your account to micropayments so that the fees charged by PayPal will be as low as possible for you. It’s always good to offer Thereians the options of purchasing your designs with USD through PayPal AND the opportunity to purchase virtual goods with Therebucks. Some people don’t have PayPal, but they really want to buy your designs so it’s good to offer a Therebuck buying option as well.

Can I act as a third-party Therebucks seller?

No, in new There members are NOT allowed to sell Therebucks. We have provided the Real Money Developer Sales as an option for designers to make real USD instead of stockpiling Therebucks.

Since There is now 18 and over, can I run around naked and swear like a sailor?

No. Our Terms of Service and guidelines that were in place in old There still stand today in new There. The general rule of thumb is if you would hesitate to do something on a busy, real-life New York street out of fear that you would get arrested or a New Yorker would put you in your place, then it is definitely not okay to do the same thing in the Virtual World There. We expect adults to act like adults and be able to resolve their own differences through constructive dialog. If you can’t stand someone, just use the handy Ignore tool and teleport away.

How do I find people in There? 

There is a great big world with several Islands and lots of wide-open virtual space. People teleport and travel by vehicle to explore the Virtual World and discover thriving Island communities. It’s good to know when and where to find friends in There when you’re  looking socialize online. The best way to locate other members in There is by signing up for daily scheduled Events and exploring Neighborhood hangouts. Browse the Clubs in There and join groups that share your similar interests to receive club invites to events.


Check out There’s most Frequently Asked Questions for more helpful information about our Virtual World. Sign up for the There Help & Support group on Facebook to connect with other current members of There for member to member help.

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