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Lost in Space


Get Lost In Space this week for the GinStars reunion! This special seven-day Gin Card event is a throwback to the Aziti Prime Neighborhood GinStar Tourneys. Learn how to play gin with this handy There Help article. Join new and old friends over a virtual card game of gin. Out of this world events in There are scheduled through December 14th.


Image Credit: RobbyBoy

Take your home to new heights up in outer space during the week long event. There is a special Lost in Space PAZ community set up for camping. You can purchase decorative space items in the Auctions.

Field of Screams – A Halloween Neighborhood

There_Admin_Shopkeeper_2019-10-15 16-14-25

Tucked away in the darkest corners of Tabu is the Field of Screams Neighborhood dedicated to displays of blood soaked terror, creepy crawlers and things that go bump in the night! Field of Screams is open through November 1st and welcomes all new residents to build the haunted house of their worst nightmares. If you were thinking about putting together something scary for the 2019 Halloween Decorating Contest, Field of Screams is a great spot to build.

All residents will be removed from the Neighborhood on November 1st the day after Halloween and will receive any remaining pro-rated rent. Join the Field of Screams Neighborhood Club to get started. Search the Auctions for Halloween decorations to build with. Field of Screams also offers an open hosting Lot for Event Hosts who need a dark and creepy place to hold their events. Schedule your Halloween party at Howling Hosting.

There_STG_Avie_2019-10-15 16-37-24

Sign up for RobbyBoy Cards Spooky Gin held in the Field of Screams Neighborhood on Tuesday evenings and every other Wednesday during the month of October. Event starts at 4:30 Pacific/ 7:30 Eastern. Doors close 15 minutes after the start of the event. Earn points for monthly Gin United prizes. Join the RobbyBoy_Cards club for invites to future Gin events.


Pyrena’s Pumpkin Patch

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Tabu Cemetery

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2019-10-16 16-48-15

Welcome to My Nightmare

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2019-10-16 16-50-06

Chillin’ with the Boo’s

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2019-10-16 16-51-38

Scared of Spiders

Frosty Nights & Warm Winter Cabins


Oh the weather outside is frightful, but inside it’s so delightful! Cozy up next to the fire in your very own home on Frosty Island. Enjoy snow-covered terrain and the beautiful pink, purple and orange skies of this delightful island in There shaped like a snowman.

Make yourself at home in a two-story winter cabin located in Santa’s Village. This lovely home offers a dining room, living room, family room and upstairs loft. Complete with outdoor lights and frozen icicles.

The snow-covered cabin is included free with the monthly rental of a one-acre Development Lot. Join the Santa’s Village Development Group first before picking out your new homestead. To rent a holiday cabin for the winter, step into the Lot and go to This Place on your menu bar and clicking information about For Rent. Here is a helpful article about setting up your Development Lot in the Santa’s Village Development Zone.

You can purchase furniture, artwork and a Christmas tree from Shop Central or the Auctions to decorate your cabin for the holidays. Our Designers have created many different styles of holiday home decor for you to choose from. Once you’ve got your home decorated to your liking, you can create an event and invite your friends and new neighbors to a housewarming party.

2018-11-29 (1)If you’d like to build your own home from scratch, you can purchase a PAZ from Shop Central and drop it anywhere around Santa’s Village on the Island of Frosty. Pick and choose what kind of furniture and decorations you would like to have in your home.

There are also two Neighborhoods located on Frosty that are welcoming new tenants. Make yourself at home at Candy Cane Lane or Winter Wonderland.

Neighborhood News


We’ve got good news! Our members have been asking for more affordable 20-Acre Neighborhoods since the dawn of New There and we are excited to announce that we have released a limited amount of smaller hoods that will be available in the Auctions over the next few weeks.

We’ve removed some of the larger 100-Acre Neighborhoods and replaced them with a couple of 20-Acre hoods to increase our small hood supply. There are now just shy of a dozen new small waterfront Neighborhoods spread throughout Aurora, Kansas and Comet with one unique landlocked lavender field 20-Acre hood on Aurora.

All of the new waterfront hoods have a rental due date of June 9th. We will be releasing them a few at a time over the next four weeks into our Neighborhood Auctions.  Keep an eye out on our blog for Auction announcements for the 20-Acre hoods.

If you’re interested in one of our 45-Acre private Islands or a spacious 100-Acre hood, send a request to with the  doid to the hood you are interested in and we’ll place it in the Auctions for you so that you can bid on it. You can find the Neighborhood doid in the description area of the Neighborhood details page or at the end of the Neighborhood URL. It is an eight digit number.

Learn how you can build your own community in There with the Neighborhood Set-Up Manual. Build your dream town and earn monthly Tbux from Lot renters in your Neighborhood.   Invest in Real Estate in There and start your own community of friends and family with your very own Neighborhood in There!  Shop the Auctions for a new 20-Acre or send an email request for a 45-Acre or 100-Acre hood to get started.


Murder Mystery In


The residents of Fantasy Island recently made a grizzly discovery over at Minxyx’s Place. Upon entering the Saloon, they spotted the body of woman dressed in a hospital gown dangling by a noose from the barn rafters. The woman was a mental patient who had escaped from the hospital. At first glance the authorities presumed it was an open and shut case of suicide, but on closer inspection it was clear that something far more sinister had occurred.

Can you read the suicide note the escaped patient left behind and follow the clues throughout the Fantasy Island Neighborhood to solve the murder mystery? Put your sleuth skills to the test and figure out this case of Whodunnit!

Solve the Fantasy Island Freaky Festival murder mystery in for a chance to win a one of a kind Whodunnit buggy! The murder mystery competition runs until Sunday, October 30th.

Halloween House of Horrors

Superdale Mr. Halloween extraordinaire has done it again! Each year his Halloween builds in get bigger and better. It’s hard to believe he could top the previous year, but you’d have to teleport over to the Big Easy Island and decide for yourself.

With a total of four 100-drop Lots, there’s so much blood and horror to see, you might miss some of the small details. It’s easy to get lost in the maze of Halloween frights. It might take more than one trip through to really soak in all of the spooky delights. So grab a group of friends if you dare and take a ride on the biggest Halloween scare!


Start your epic Halloween journey in the Place of Horror Graveyard. Here you will find a book of tales of unbelievable horror. Read along if you dare and find the first clue of many throughout the path of terror.


Find the graveyard escape route up the stairs and carefully walk down the rope bridge past the giant troll. If you’re really quiet and can contain your screams, he’ll remain asleep and you can slip past him. Enter the House of the Dead at your own risk!


Be careful to remain on the dock path wandering through Blood In The Bayou or your innards might be added to the blood bath below! Scurry past the fire breathing dragon and away from the army of ghosts to make it safely out the other side.


The last trail of terror on the ghastly tour is Fire In The Woods. This one might make you break a sweat! Make sure to keep your arms and clothing articles away from the flames. Be careful of creepy skeletons and things that go bump in the night along the way. Phew! You made it out alive without a scratch.

Create your own House of Terror with Halloween items available in the Auctions. Sign up for Halloween events celebrated throughout the month of October in


There Community Garden Open House

Celebrate the return of the Community Garden by planting your own piece of paradise in There! The There Community Garden offers a variety of Lots where you can join other members in planting trees, flowers and plants for the entire community to enjoy. Join Staff on Wednesday, July 6th at 5:30 PM PST for the Community Garden Open House event!


There are several new affordable garden Lots available for members interested in exercising their green thumbs, including 1/4-Acre, 1/2-Acre and 1-Acre Development Lots. If you haven’t seen the Garden yet, take a tour and explore its beautiful sights.

To start decorating your own Garden Lot, first join the Development Group. Then visit the garden Development Lots available for rent to find the perfect location. Flat green Lots are available in the lower region of the garden, perfect for placing rows of fruit and vegetables. Hillside Development Lots are located in the upper region of the garden for a greater building challenge.

Once you’ve found a Lot you really like, check out the latest landscape and garden designs in Auctions for a wide selection of items to plant in your garden. Have fun and let your creativity bloom!


Fourth of July Fireworks


Celebrate Independence Day in There with a boom! Create your own spectacular fireworks show and invite the neighbors over.  There are many different sizes and colors of pyrotechnics available in Auctions. Set up a combination of several fireworks to get the most ooohhh’s and aaahhh’s out of the crowd.

180278131 Fireworks-vi 154963521

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If you want to put on a spectacular show, there are interactive fireworks available in Shop Central. You can launch them one at a time and choose the color of the explosion. The fun part about launching them is hearing them sizzle out of the launcher and explode in the sky. Mix one of these bad boys in with the automated fireworks and you’ll have yourself one heck of a firework finale! Fireworks look best when you turn your Zone into a moonlit night sky.





Star Spangled Celebration


Avalon Island Neighborhood

Join in the Star Spangled Celebration on Saturday at Avalon Island in There. It’s an all day event with dancing and music in the evening. Stop by the neighborhood anytime on July 2nd and check out the vendor booths outside of the Pan Pacific Auditorium. There will be Clubs, Designers, Special Events and other good stuff on display for everyone to check out.


Pan Pacific Auditorium at Avalon Island

The BYOB Buggy Show starts at 4:00 PM PST. It’s an informal buggy show for all buggy lovers to show off their prized vehicles. This is a good opportunity to check out some older model buggies that haven’t been around for a while. Don’t have a buggy for the show? Find one that suits your style in Auctions.

Get a good seat to view the Star Spangled Parade or join in on foot with friends through the Avalon Island Neighborhood and end up at the Pan Pacific Auditorium. Dress in your festive red, white and blue gear for the parade! The parade starts at 6:00 PM PST.

Round out the Star Spangled Celebration by kicking up your heels and doing a ‘jig on the dance floor! Enjoy music and dancing while you catch the Club 99 dance performance. There will be random dice rolls throughout the evening for great prizes. The dance starts at 7:00 PM PST.

There’s so much to do at this all day Star Spangled Celebration event! Sign up to join in the festivities.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!


Saturn V Avalon Island

Own Your Own Neighborhood In There!


Looking for a 45-Acre or 100-Acre Neighborhood to start your own community of family and friends? Check out the latest Neighborhoods available in the Auctions. Build your dream home in There! Start today by placing your Auction bid.

With gentle rolling hills as far as the eye can see, this 45-Acre zone is a real gem! Located in North Kansas, you’ll want to call this beautiful Neighborhood home! The next rental due date for NH 18901834 is September 23rd. Visit this 45-Acre Neighborhood and claim your space by placing a bid on the rental deed.

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2015-09-08 18-55-01

Expand your opportunities in There and rent your own Neighborhood Zone. NH 19857732 is the perfect starter Neighborhood! Invite your buddies to be a part of your community. Located off the shores of Comet Island, this flat 45-Acre Neighborhood includes long sandy beaches and plenty of water for ships and boats. The next rental due date for NH 19857732 is September 24th. Don’t miss out on this all sand 45-Acre Neighborhood and place your bid!

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2015-09-08 18-56-26

Own your own 45-Acre Island in There! This beautiful all white sand island is located off the coast of Aurora. Secluded and private, you can build your own boating community with friends. Place your bid on this amazing 45-Acre zone and start your own Neighborhood! The next rental due date for NH 18902053 is September 23rd.

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2015-09-08 18-57-34

Own your own 100-Acre private island off the coast of Aurora! This amazing secluded island has its very own freshwater lake. Beautiful flat and green grass far as the eye can see. Lots of room for your yacht or pirate ship. Grab your friends and start your own Island community today! Visit this Island Neighborhood and place your bid! The next rental due date for this 100-Acre parcel of land is September 13th.

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2015-09-08 18-58-32