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Bay Area Boat System’s 11th Anniversary in There – Celebration in Pictures

Congratulations to one of the oldest running clubs in There, Bay Area Boat System (BABS) celebrates its 11th anniversary in our virtual world! To honor this celebration, the BABS group is holding a special activity from October 1st through the 15th.


Photo Credit: Zayden

The BABS group supports a network of large landing towers and outposts throughout There. The towers allow big groups of guided hoverboat tours to easily island hop from one location to the next. BABS throws regular events and everyone is invited. You can pilot your own hoverboat or relax and enjoy the scenic view from the passenger seat.

The BABS group was founded on September 23, 2004 by Thereian LossAngeles. It holds over 500 members and hosts regular events in There. The BABS group is so extensive, it has three sub-groups consisting of the BABS Flight Captains, BABS Host Captains and the BABS Outpcost Community.

In honor of their 11th anniversary, BABS is hosting a special activity during the month of October. It’s called the Celebration in Pictures and encourages Thereians to attend events, tours and to get out and meet new people. The idea is to take pictures with any BABS Flight Captiain, Host Captain, Outpost owner or capture photos of any BABS outpost tower, BABS event or tour to qualify for entry into a random chance selected reward. Prizes will be awarded at the Celebration in Pictures wrap-up party event to be held Wednesday, October 16th at 7:00 PM Eastern/10:00 PM Pacific at the BABS Club House.

To participate in the Celebration in Pictures BABS activity, you’ll need to do the following:

1. Capture a photo of a BABS flight captain, host captain, outpost tower owner, outpost tower, event or tour, you with your favorite hoverboat, your name on a boat track at Skidmark Speedway, you racing your hoverboat at Skidmark Speedway, the BABS Club House or an unfortunate boating accident.
2. Submit your avatar name and photo(s) via email to
3. Attend the wrap-up party and see if you’ve won a prize!

How do I find these places, people and events to capture a photo with?

You can contact one of the the BABS Flight Captains by ThereMail or IM’ing them in-world. The BABS Flight Captains are Cissy_59, Fatjohn, Glynni, Jayess1, KatesHappy, Loriendil, Mushka, Redneck97317, RK_Falagar, SunnyMusic and TimeScaper.

You can contact one of the BABS Host Captains by ThereMail or IM’ing them in-world. The BABS Host Captains are BlueAnn, EmmaJean, Fatjohn, Jayess1, Kateshappy, KorbenCongrejo, Noxy, Susanszy, Zayden and Xxxjoshuaxxxx.

Outpost Owners can be reached via ThereMail and IM’s as well. Here is a list of BABS outpost locations:

Flying Turtle BABS Outpost operated by peter7 and BeatleBaby

Botanical Gardens BABS Outpost operated by mushka

The Ridge operated by KatesHappy & RK_Falagar

Magic Cards operated by ilko_s

Wet Yer Whistle operated by Cissy_59

Over Egypt operated by ltbigdog

Poo With A View operated by fatjohn

Summer Games Outpost operated by There_Hoods

Center of There Outpost operated by B_A_B_S

Find Yourself operated by Cissy_59

Seaside Cove operated by Greenangel

Shorah operated by susanszy

Miracle Pictures operated by Francis_7

PlayPlace operated by idunno42, Duhmee, and TimeScaper

Warmth of the Stars opearted by Cissy_59

Avalon Island operated by amxscott

The Borg operated by OzGate

Skidmark Speedway operated by B_A_B_S and fatjohn

BABS SRD Outpost Base operated by Retief

The official rules of the Celebration in Pictures activity can be found at the BABS Club House.

Help Us Test A New Feature In There – BRICKS!

Samsyn has been hard at work creating and playing with Bricks! This upcoming new feature to There is a game piece that can be dropped into a Real Estate Zone. Each piece has 100 Brick objects to play with. Not only can you move them all around the Zone, but their shape and material can also be manipulated. Think of the Bricks like elevators for Avatars and vehicles.


We’d like to invite you over to our testing playground at Pumpkin_Jack’s Neighborhood to come and play with the new Bricks and offer us your thoughts and feedback. Let us know what you think and shoot us an email at

Here’s some light reading material on how to interact with the Bricks. If you get stuck or have any questions, please let us know. Don’t forget to click “Stop Bricklaying” when you are done testing out the Bricks. Happy building!

Here are a couple of fun videos showing Thereians playing around with the new Bricks.

Bricks are only recently available for testing to Thereians. Their functionality will continue to evolve and change as we make updates from your suggestions. We’re looking forward to sharing the final product with you in the future!

Shiver Me Timbers! It’s Pirate Daze in There


Avast, me hearties! Saturday, September 19th is National Talk Like A Pirate Day. The cannons be blastin’ as th’ filthiest holiday of the year kicks off a week of debaucherous celebration in There for Pirate Daze.

Calling all ye wenches, scallywags and landlubbers to join in the celebratin’! Pirate Daze in There starts Friday, September 18th and the party will go until we set sail for the high seas again the following weekend. We’re hankerin’ for a good ole time, and we know how t’ give it too, check out all of the Pirate Daze events planned for you!

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Ahoy Matey! Seaside ThereHomes are available for rent on Cannery Row and Pier 39!


Take a lazy stroll down the wooden dock walkways illuminated by glowing lanterns to the end of the foggy pier. Here you will find a weathered bench to take a load off, set your mind at ease and admire the expansive ocean views while the cries of the seagulls lull softly in the background.

The foggy mists of the dockside ThereHomes provide an environment of peace and tranquility for your next homestead. Sturdy wooden ThereHomes perched on top of barnacle-adorned docks provide a solid foundation for a warm and cozy home. Each Cannery Row and Pier 39 ThereHome comes with a built in glowing fireplace to keep you warm from the cold and salty winds that blow inland from the great ocean.


Cannery Row is an official There Landmark. There are limited Landmark residential areas in our virtual world and they are considered prime real estate property. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to live in a historical There location. Discover Cannery Row off the sandy beaches of Northern Motu Motu Island. View a listing for Cannery Row ThereHomes.


Find additional Oceanside homes in an alternative location. ThereHouses are available on Pier 39, Pier 40 and Pier 41 of Northern Motu Motu Island.

There Rental Homes and Clubhouses are private, which means members standing outside of your Rental cannot read your text bubbles or hear voice.

Pirate Daze in There


Ahoy!, set t’ compass, batten down t’ hatches and hoist t’ sails for t’ high seas o’ There. Durin’ t’ month o’ September, every Thereian talks and walks like a pirate durin’ our theme o’ Pirate Daze, arrr!

All ye swashbucklin’ scallywags o’ th’ sea are invited to join us on a grand adventuaaaarrr starting September 18th! We’re hankerin’ for a good ol’ time to be had by all!

Own Your Own Neighborhood In There!


Looking for a 45-Acre or 100-Acre Neighborhood to start your own community of family and friends? Check out the latest Neighborhoods available in the Auctions. Build your dream home in There! Start today by placing your Auction bid.

With gentle rolling hills as far as the eye can see, this 45-Acre zone is a real gem! Located in North Kansas, you’ll want to call this beautiful Neighborhood home! The next rental due date for NH 18901834 is September 23rd. Visit this 45-Acre Neighborhood and claim your space by placing a bid on the rental deed.

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2015-09-08 18-55-01

Expand your opportunities in There and rent your own Neighborhood Zone. NH 19857732 is the perfect starter Neighborhood! Invite your buddies to be a part of your community. Located off the shores of Comet Island, this flat 45-Acre Neighborhood includes long sandy beaches and plenty of water for ships and boats. The next rental due date for NH 19857732 is September 24th. Don’t miss out on this all sand 45-Acre Neighborhood and place your bid!

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2015-09-08 18-56-26

Own your own 45-Acre Island in There! This beautiful all white sand island is located off the coast of Aurora. Secluded and private, you can build your own boating community with friends. Place your bid on this amazing 45-Acre zone and start your own Neighborhood! The next rental due date for NH 18902053 is September 23rd.

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2015-09-08 18-57-34

Own your own 100-Acre private island off the coast of Aurora! This amazing secluded island has its very own freshwater lake. Beautiful flat and green grass far as the eye can see. Lots of room for your yacht or pirate ship. Grab your friends and start your own Island community today! Visit this Island Neighborhood and place your bid! The next rental due date for this 100-Acre parcel of land is September 13th.

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2015-09-08 18-58-32

Congratulations to the Winning There Games Teams!

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2015-09-06 21-08-14

What an amazing Summer There Games season we’ve had over the past ten days! With over 250 events and 7,000 competitors, this has been one of the most action packed There Games yet! We wanted to say thank you to the STG committee, event hosts, co-hosts and all of the color team participants.

Congratulations to Olive for a job well done and taking home the Gold this year. The Light Blue team won the Silver medal and the Peach team won the Bronze.

Make sure to collect your winning medals over at the Club99 stage at the Grassy Knoll. There will be dancing and celebrations all evening. See you There!

2015 Summer There Games Closing Ceremony Sunday, September 6th

It’s been a fun-filled ten days of competitive events in There! Join us for the 2015 Summer There Games Closing Ceremony on Sunday, September 6th at 2:00 PM PDT/5:00 PM EST. The first, second and third place winners will be announced.