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Magical Kingdom – Unleashed!

Here ye, here ye! The Thereian community is celebrating Magical Kingdom – Unleashed in the virtual world May 12th through May 31st. It’s a mashup event of all of your favorite fairytales and storybook characters. Search the keyword Magical Kingdom on the Activities Page to find special events. Sign up for trivia, cross country racing, bay area boat system tours and much more! Magical Kingdom events are being added daily so check back during the week.

Choose from many different original designs listed in Auctions to decorate your home during the Magical Kingdom – Unleashed event. Build a castle or a fairytale cottage and host a tour of your storybook location.

Dress the part for Magical Kingdom – Unleashed! Our Designers have created so many different costumes it is hard to choose your favorite. Dress up as a princess, evil queen, dragon slayer or the court jester. Wear your costume during the themed event and stand out with your own creativity.

Sci-Fi Week in

Get your geek on for an out of this world event happening April 30th through May 6th. Celebrate Science Fiction week with your friends in the virtual world Sign up for events during Sci-Fi week.

Decorate your zone with rocket ships, UFOs, aliens and all things Sci-Fi. Check out space themed decorations in the Auctions.

Dress the part with space suits, alien wear and costumes from the great beyond. There’s plenty of space apparel and props to choose from for men and women in the Auctions.

2023 There Winter Games Memorabilia

Shop There Games decorations for your home or clubhouse with official 2023 There Winter Games merchandise. Not only does your purchase help advertise There Games, but the proceeds go towards keeping the There Games events going every year as well as providing gifts for the winning teams. Add the 2023 Winter collectibles to your growing There Games memorabilia!

Shop 2023 There Winter Games merchandise in the Auctions. The official TWG merchandise is only available for a limited time, so get yours before the season ends.

There Games Team Lots

Connect with other team members during There Games at the Team Lots located in the Winter Games Village on Frosty Island. There are sixteen Lots for each different nametag team color. Help decorate your team Lot by setting an event and dropping decorations any time before the There Games start on February 19th. Schedule team event meetings at your team’s Lot during There Games to strategize and connect with other members. Sign up for your nametag team club to be able to easily contact other members on your team.

Find Your Nametag Team for There Games

How can I join a team for There Games?

Congratulations, you are already part of a team!  There are sixteen There Games teams based on the sixteen avatar nametag colors. The nametag is the colored bar over your avatar’s head where your username is displayed.  Everyone has a nametag color that is randomly generated when you join

What if I can’t figure out what my nametag color is?

If you are not sure what your nametag color is, it’s easy to find out.  Just head over to the Winter Games Welcome Center and find one of the handy nametag signs.

When you click the sign’s action tag, it will tell you what color your nametag is.  Once you know your nametag color, find your team club listed here.  Joining your team’s club is a great way to meet people, make new friends and keep up to date with what’s going on.

Do I have to join my nametag team’s club to participate in There Games?

While joining your team’s club is a great way to connect with your fellow teammates, it is not required.  You can still go to There Games Events and earn points for your team.  The event Hosts will be able to see which team you belong to by (you guessed it!) looking at your nametag.

Can I change my nametag color?

Yes, you can change your nametag color here. However, you can’t change your nametag color during There Games. There are specific blackout dates that you will not be able to change nametag color, February 5th through March 14th. You can change your nametag color any time before or after the blackout dates. There will be a charge of 36,000T to change your nametag color.

2023 Winter There Games

There Winter Games (TWG) is a huge 10-day series of competitive events in There that run from February 19th – 28th. Everyone is invited to play in this fun and friendly competition. Participants earn points for their team, and the team with the most points at the end takes home the gold medal! Events happen at all hours of the day and range from vehicle races to card games to quests and so much more. Whatever your interests are, you’re likely to find activities to enjoy.

There Winter Games Schedule

Saturday, February 18th
Attend the Opening Ceremonies
Start Time: 6:00 pm Pacific/9:00 pm Eastern
Join the TWG Kickoff PARTY
Start Time: 6:30 pm Pacific/9:30 pm Eastern

Sunday, February 19th – Tuesday, February 28th
10-Day Competitive There Games Events

Saturday, March 4th
Attend the Closing Ceremonies
Start Time: 6:00 pm Pacific/9:00 pm Eastern
Join the tWG After Party
Start Time: 6:30 pm Pacific/9:30 pm Eastern

Everyone is invited to play and is already part of a team. The color of your name tag will tell you which team you’re on. There are 16 name tag colors. If you aren’t quite sure where you belong, it’s easy to find out. Just head over to the Winter Games Welcome Center and use the handy name tag sign. When you click the sign’s action tag, it will tell you what color your name tag is and also give you a link to join your team! This is a great way to meet people and make new friends.

Annual Club Fair in There

Join a club online and make new friends in the virtual world Visit the annual Club Fair from Sunday, January 8th to Saturday, January 14th to browse teams, leagues, Neighborhood groups and social clubs looking for new recruits. Check out the different clubs on display at the annual community-wide event and sign up for club events.

To join a club in the virtual world There, first create your very own avatar here. Once you’re logged onto There, teleport over to the Club Fair at the There Fairgrounds. Travel the walkways around the Fairgrounds and visit the different types of clubs There has to offer. You’ll find signs, brochures and information on each club. Check the individual booths for upcoming Club Fair events where you can meet and interact with other club members.

If you are the leader of a club in There and would like to participate in the Club Fair, join the There Fairgrounds Development Group. Once you are part of the club, find an open Lot at the Fairgrounds to rent out. Here’s a list of the remaining available Lots. Make sure to name your Lot after your Club and schedule events for your Club inside of the Lot during the week of the fair. Use the keyword Club Fair in your event description to have your event featured on the home page.

At the end of the Club Fair, you can send an email request to There Staff to have your Lot evicted from the Fairgrounds. An Eviction will result in a pro-rated rental refund going back to your account. Please be aware if you Relinquish your own Lot, you will not receive a partial refund and the full month of rent will be taken from your account. Make sure to include your Avatar name and the doid to your Lot in your email to Staff if you’d like to be Evicted for a partial pro-rated refund.

Enjoy the Club Fair from January 8th to the 14th! Challenge yourself to sign up for at least five new to you clubs.

Miracle Pictures Movie Premiere

Join us in the virtual world for the Miracle Pictures double movie feature this Saturday! Head over to the Foxy Theater at Miracle Pictures Studio to view the world premier of the new Minisode/Trailer for The Gorgon Chronicles and the blooper reel from Chapter 5.

Join the cast and crew for a fun look towards the future and into the blurry past with some rather amusing bloopers. The showing starts at 7:00 pm Pacific on Saturday, November 19th.

Also be on the look out for the premier of the Groso Gorgon Christmas Special coming next month.

Sign up for the movie premier on Saturday night in!

Visit the Gorgon Chronicles Facebook page for more details about the series.

Avie Sacrifice

On the eve of every new client release in, it is tradition for the Thereian Community to scale Wilson’s Peak, the tallest mountain in the Virtual World to offer up their Avatars to the There Gods in hopes for a smooth update. Join us tonight at 7:00 pm PDT/10:00 pm EST for Avie Sacrifice!

Gather on the deck with new and old friends starting at 7:00 PDT. The deck will be removed fifteen minutes after the start of the event and the party will free fall down the mountain together. Make sure to bookmark a spot at the top of Wilson’s Peak so that you can teleport back up after sliding down the mountain. There will be a second deck drop at 7:30 in case you missed the first one. If you are unable to join us for the event, you can still make an avie sacrifice on your own time and shoot yourself off the side of the mountain with one of the Avatar Slingers or hop a hoverboard and shoot through the Avie Slingshot.

The new client release is scheduled for Wednesday, September 28th.

What is an Avie Sacrifice you ask? Check out this video footage Chagall filmed in of a past Avie Sacrifice from 2006.

Video of Avie Sacrifice captured by Chagall.

Set Sail for Pirates Ahoy

Set t’ compass, batten down t’ hatches and hoist t’ sails for t’ high seas o’ There. All ye swashbucklin’ scallywags o’ th’ sea are invited to join us on a grand adventuaaaarrr. Durin’ t’ month o’ September, every Thereian talks and walks like a pirate durin’ our theme o’ Pirates Ahoy!

The cannons be blastin’ as th’ filthiest holiday of the year kicks off a week of debaucherous celebration in There from September 18th – 24th. We’re hankerin’ for a good ole time, and we know how t’ give it too, check out all of the Pirates Ahoy Events planned for you!