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Bingo at The Water’s Edge

Bingo at Serendipity Falls!

Calling All Event Hosts for the Summer There Games

Believe it or not, the next There Games is right around the corner! Are you ready to take it to the next level and step up to be a There Games Host this year? If you’re up for the challenge to organize and execute a highly populated event in the virtual world There, we want to hear from you!

There are so many fun types of events scheduled during the There Games. If you have an interest in cards, bingo, racing, paintball, socializing, underwater basket weaving or a creative idea for a new game where Thereians can earn points for their color team, you should be an event host! We need fun, creative, patient, responsible and friendly people like you to host unforgettable events that will be the talk of the Games.

If you are considering Event Hosting for the first time during There Games, there are plenty of seasoned hosts who are available to offer ideas, advice and help with setting up your events. They can provide tips and pointers for making your event go smoothly.

Perhaps you just want to get your feet wet as an Event Co-Host? Behind every great captain is an outstanding first-mate! Co-Hosts are needed for this Summer There Games as well.

Seasoned Event Hosts/Co-Hosts and newcomers alike are encouraged to contact PrincessPebbie or Riot_Girl_1 if you would like to be an important part of the upcoming Summer There Games!

The Games will be held this year from August 28th through September 6th.

Stars of the West – Shootout Event


Saddle up your horses and ride down to Aurora Gulch for an old fashioned showdown with the Stars of the West! It’s going to get dusty with the stampeede of avatars expected to show up for tonight’s event. Make sure to sign up early.

There’s so much to do during this two hour western event! Grab your trusty steed and race other cowboys, avoid a deadly bite at rattle snake round up, dosey doe with your partner at the saloon, show off your marksmanship in a good old fashioned shoot out, toss around a hot horseshoe, sing hymns at church and hope you don’t land in jail for the night. These great events and much more planned for your enjoyment.

Don’t miss out on one of the greatest events in the West! Tons of goodies and prizes will be given out and awarded. The Phoenix Stars and friends have worked hard to put together a great night for all of us to enjoy. Yee-haw!