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Tuesday Theme Planning Meetings


Do you have a creative idea for a fun event in There? Share your thoughts and help brainstorm themed events with new and seasoned hosts at the weekly Event Planning Meetings. Join your host EmmaJean on Tuesday evenings to discuss planning for future events, holidays and themes in the virtual world There.

The next Event Planning Meeting will take place on June 28th. Sign up for the event and share your ideas.  You can pick up handy brochures of past Event Planning Meeting minutes and monthly calendar events.

Join EmmaJean’s Theme Planning Crew to be a part of the Thereian community that works together to plan and promote fun and lively events in There.

Tiki Talk Tuesday Trivia

Tiki Talk is a weekly trivia event in There hosted by Francis_7 every Tuesday night. Multiple choice questions are read out loud and trivia participants buzz in when they know the answer. Diverse questions are centered around pop culture, music, television and movies.


Test your brain power and ability to recall random pieces of information for a chance to show your fellow Thereians how much of a smarty pants you are.

Join Francis_7 this Tuesday for another round of weekly trivia in Sign up for the next Tiki Talk event here.

Please be advised that Voice is required to participate. You need the ability to hear the host, but you can answer questions with type.

Good luck to all of the Tiki Talk Trivia participants.


Ultimate There Bingo

Got anything planned for Monday night? Grab your dauber and join a fun bunch of Thereians for Ultimate There BINGO! Weekly events are held on Monday’s at the There Party Barge in Comet and hosted by Susanszy. Meet new friends and win prizes!


Join the Ultimate There BINGO club in There to receive group emails and event invites. You’ll need to create an account and register for the online BINGO game created by Percepti0n. It’s a good idea to be registered for the game ahead of time and ready to go when the first number is called. You can register your Ultimate There BINGO account here. Good luck to all of our players!



Flamingo Fright Night At CCR

Looking for some Friday night fun? Cross Country Racers (CCR) and BABS is hosting a Flamingo Fright Night CCR event that starts at 5:00 PM PT. Sign up for the racing event here. Discover what has the flamingos flying off in a flurry.

Cross country racing in There is tons of fun! Explore the islands of There with friends and discover new locations. Sign up for the Cross Country Racing Club and keep up to date on future events.


Cards Rock Spades Tournament


Do you like to play Spades in There? The Cards Rock Club holds two Spades tournaments a week in the beautiful Ridge neighborhood on the island of Aurora.

The build at Cards Rock is a sight to see! Card players start the tournament at the bottom landing of Card Rock. Once a round of Spades has been played the winners progress up to another landing on the Rock to play the next round. Eventually players reach the top of the rock to play the final round in the tournament.

Cards Rock events like to spice up their Spades a bit and host games with a twist in the rules. If you like to play  Spades and want to participate in a challenging game, head over to their next event OCD Spades. This crazy version of Spades, players must play their cards from left to right as they are shown on the playing panel. Players make their move with the card furthest to the left that is playable. You’ve got to stay on your toes to play this game of Spades.

Join the Cards Rock Club to receive invites to crazy Spades tournaments.

Get An Eyeful BABS Adventure

The Bay Area Boat System (BABS) has an exciting event coming up on Saturday, June 25th called Get An Eyeful BABS Adventure! They are taking Thereians on a magical flight to view the newest BABS outpost tower in There! What’s an outpost you ask?

The BABS group supports a network of large landing towers and outposts throughout There. The towers allow big groups of guided hoverboat tours to easily island hop from one location to the next. BABS throws regular events and everyone is invited. You can pilot your own hoverboat or relax and enjoy the scenic view from the passenger seat.

Catch a flight with the best Boat Captains in There and enjoy a leisurely tour to the newest outpost tower this weekend!


Sizzlin’ Summer Swimwear

We’ve got you covered this summer for all of the hottest styles in swimwear! Whether you’re lounging by the pool with your sweetie or out at the beach with your bestie, your avatar will be looking fly in a one piece or itsy bitsy bikini from our Thereian Designers. Check out this season’s bathing suits for women currently in Auctions.

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Summer There Games Logo Contest

We are gearing up for another season of There Games! The next Summer Games will be held in several weeks. Submissions for the Summer There Games Logo are now being accepted. If you’ve got an artistic side we’d love for you to submit your own creative vision of the next Summer There Games logo. All logo entries are due by July 15th, so you’ve got a couple of weeks to work your graphic design magic.

Please read the Summer There Games Logo Contest guidelines below to enter.

  • Submit logo designs in .jpg or .png format.
  • Pixel size must be 512 x 256 or 256 x 512.
  • Include the words 2016 and Summer There Games or There Summer Games.
  • You may incorporate the official There logo.
  • You may NOT steal copyrighted material and incorporate it into your logo.
  • If your logo is found to have copyrighted material it will be disqualified.

All entries will be posted anonymously for the Thereian Community to vote on. The winning logo will be used on virtual merchandise. Sales from the Summer Games merchandise will go towards running the event as well as prizes for the winning teams.

If you’re interested in participating in the 2016 Summer Games logo contest, make sure to email your entry to by July 15th. Good luck to all of our contest participants!



UTB Monday, June 20th

Splash Into Summer

Summer is officially here and it’s time to relax and enjoy the company of friends in There. Make sure you’re stocked up on everything you need to host a summer picnic, cookout or poolside party. There are great deals on summer items in the Auctions.

OldThere 466

Pick yourself up a PAZ and take it with you on a foot hike adventure across your favorite island in There. Drop your PAZ and set out a fancy picnic for your friends to enjoy as they soak up the scenery of our beautiful virtual world.

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Step up your backyard BBQ game with a new grill for your next cookout. Whether you like cooking with gas or charcoal, food always tastes best when it’s cooked outside. Don’t forget to grab hamburger and hot dog buns while you’re at the store!

620226133  1023971_firepit_large219387911

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Be the summertime envy of all of your neighbors and install that new pool addition to your dream backyard. All the kids on the block will want to come to your pool party! Add some inner tubes and float toys for a fun time in the water.

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We’ve got you covered for everything you need to host your next picnic, pool party or cookout! Check out Shop Central and the Auctions for more summer necessities.