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Updates to Guidelines & Introduction of New Policies

ANNOUNCEMENT- has updated their Virtual World Developer Submission Guidelines and added a new Offensive Item Policy and Harassment Resolution Outline. The Developer Program updates and addition of behavior guidelines are effective immediately. We have outlined and summarized the changes below. We strongly encourage you to read the articles in their entirety so that you can get a good understanding of the changes we’ve made to the There service.

The Terms of Service (TOS) agreement has remained the same. The copyright year and company contact information has been updated. We’ve added helpful and relative article links to the bottom of the TOS.

The following updates have been made to the Developer Submission Guidelines:

  1. Update to the Inappropriate Material paragraph.
  2. “No group attacks” and “No racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, etc. materials are permitted” have been added to the Inappropriate Material’s list.
  3. Virtual items depicting the U.S. Confederate flag and other signs of oppression will no longer be accepted into the There Developer Program.
  4. The list of Designer objects deemed inappropriate has been updated.
  5. Cannabis and references to blood and gore are now permitted that There is an adult Virtual World with an age limit of 18+. (No minors are allowed to use our service.)
  6. The 3rd Offence Developer warning has been updated.

Here is a summary of the Offensive Item Policy:

  1. Any U.S. Confederate flag virtual object currently in-world will no longer be allowed to be listed in the Auctions. Any U.S. Confederate flag object must stay within the boundaries of a private Real Estate Zone owned by the holder of the virtual item.
  2. Members cannot use language/clothing/props/vehicles/documents/signs/activity flags in any new member landing area, any There-owned Zone or privately held member-owned Zone that are considered to be racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, etc. towards any individual or group.
  3. Members will no longer be allowed to list “boycott (insert blank)” or “protest (insert blank)” props/clothing/vehicles/decorations in the Auctions.
  4. Members cannot hold/wear/drive “boycott” or “protest” virtual items in any There-owned Zone or private member-owned Zone. Members can wear these items in their own private Real Estate Zones or out in the wide-open spaces in There.
  5. Members can hold/wear/drive “protest” or “boycott” virtual items at a distance of 100 meters away from outside of a There-owned Zone or private member-owned Zone.
  6. Commitment to tolerance and equality in There statement.

Here is a summary of the Harassment Resolution Outline:

  1. Commitment to tolerance and equality in There statement.
  2. Clear outline of bad behavior and the steps Staff will take to enforce the Terms of Service.
  3. Three strikes you’re out policy. It includes two warnings and results in a hardware ban on the third offense.
  4. Clear steps to report harassment to There Staff.
  5. List of links to helpful resources.

We understand the updates to our current Developer Submission Guidelines and the addition of two new articles requires some lengthy reading. Our company appreciates you taking the time to read the documents and familiarize yourself with the most current and up-to-date behavior guidelines in the Virtual World There. We have created these updates and new additions with the intent to provide a safe environment with equal opportunity and rights for ALL Thereians.

Questions, comments and feedback can be emailed to There Staff at

Terms of Service (TOS)
Customer Service & Enforcement of the TOS
Terms of Service: Religious, Political & Controversial Issues and the Role of Customer Service
Terms of Service: Harassment Resolution Outline
Terms of Service: Offensive Items Policy
Behavior Guidelines
Developer Submission Guidelines
What To Do About Griefers

Tyr vs Saja Photo Challenge

Join forces with Team Saja or Team Tyr to battle it out in the saga of good versus evil. The Tyr vs Saja Photo Challenge is a competitive event held during the There Is Feudal theme in the Virtual World There. Pledge your allegiance to Saja or Tyr and complete the photo challenge on your own or with friends.

There will be two Tyr vs Saja Photo Challenge events during the There Is Feudal theme. Sign up to participate in the photo challenges to earn prizes.

MISSION 1: Saja vs Tyr Photo Challenge – Friday, June 26th at 5:30 PM PDT

MISSION 2: Tyr vs Saja Photo Challenge – Thursday, July 2nd at 5:00 PM PDT


Teleport to the event location. Before you lies two separate paths to adventure. The quest on the left leads to the land of Saja. The quest on the right leads to the land of Tyr. You must choose wisely.

On your mission you will travel to 3 different spots in the Virtual World There. Follow the photo challenge instructions at each quest clue to discover the next photo shoot location. You will need to provide photographic evidence of your journey and prove your allegiance to the team.

You may choose to do a solo-mission or join forces with your chosen team to accept the Saja versus Tyr photo challenge. You have a span of two hours to complete your mission to earn points for Team Saja or Team Tyr. During the competitive team event, click on the Saja or Tyr Quest clue to get started. Answer the quest clue to depart to your first photo location. Follow the quest clues to complete the Tyr vs Saja Photo Challenge.


The object of the Tyr vs Saja Photo Challenge is to earn the most points for your team. Each member of the highest scoring team will earn a special prize. In order to be eligible for the special team prize, you’ll need to register your Avatar name by completing the Saja Quest or the Tyr Quest in addition to submitting your entry by email for the photo challenge.

-Earn 3 points for your team by entering the photo challenge.
-Earn 2 points for every sucessfully completed photo task.
-Earn 1 point for every Avatar present in your photo.


  1. You must dress accordingly to your alliance for each photo. Find an outfit in Auctions and either purchase it or use the Try-It option for free.
  2. You must email your three photos to with the following information:
    -Email Subject: Saja vs Tyr
    -Your Avatar Name
    -Your Team – Saja or Tyr
    -Attach Your 3 Photos
    DO NOT post your photos to Facebook. They will be featured in a There blog post and highlighted on the official There Facebook page.

The Professional Photographer Award will be given to the participant with the best overall photo during each mission. The winner of this award will receive a RLX Green Turbo Hoverbike or a Flying Machine Hoverboat.

To be considered for this presteigous award, all 3 of your photo submisions must fit the following criteria:

  1. Photo must be clear of chat bubbles and nametags.
  2. Compass, menus and IM windows must be turned off or minimized.
  3. Desktop screengrabs must be edited. Remove your computer background. Crop out any There menus.
  4. There must be something funny, creative or interesting happening in the photo. It could also be a large group photo of either Team Saja or Team Tyr.

***YOU CAN PLAY FOR BOTH TEAMS! Do the photo quest for Saja and send in an entry. Do the photo quest for Tyr and send in a separate entry. Invite your friends along and encourage them to enter the photo challenge too.

Best of luck to all of our participants! The Tyr vs Saja Photo Challenge was brought to you by the There Is Feudal themed event in There.

There Is Feudal

Sign up for THERE IS FEUDAL events in the Virtual World June 21st – July 5th. Join the battle of good versus evil. Soar high in the sky with the good Samaritans of Saja or gravitate towards the dark side and join forces with the evil Tyr brigade. What side does your allegiance fall on?

The There Is Fuedal battle of good versus evil will play out high in the sky in the land of Saja suspended from plant pods and on the ground under the light of the moon in the darkness of the island of Tyr. Explore these two very different environments in the Virtual World There and decide on a team to root for. (Hint-You can change sides at any time.) Locate the base camp in Saja or Tyr and set up a campsite for the duration of the There is Feudal event. You can also rent an affordable ThereHouse on Tyr.

Once you pledge your allegiance to a base camp. Purchase a PAZ from Shop Central and drop it the environment of your choice. You can then decorate your campsite with items from Auctions. Search for Tyr and Saja themed decorations.

The Engee Skyway Raceway and Light Lanes FunZones located in the land of Saja are available for open hosting events during There Is Feudal. Event Hosts are also welcome to schedule events for There is Feudal at Pocket’s Paintball Park, Venue Vash and the Templar on the mysterious island of Tyr. Check out the list of FunZones available for open hosting events.

Dress the part and find Sajan and Tyrian clothing available in the Auctions. You can also search for elf, fairy, knight, medieval, renaissance fair and other fun costumes in Auctions.

Sign up for the There is Feudal kickoff event scheduled for Sunday, June 21st. Storm the castle and choose a side to pledge allegiance to. Meet up with other Sajan and Tyrian community members.

Technically, you don’t have to pick a side. If you feel like dressing up as a mystical fairy from the land of Saja on a Tuesday and then switch up your look to be a dark overlord from Tyr on a Friday, go for it. It’s all about having fun and participating in online themed events in There. Most of the events scheduled during There Is Feudal are regular weekly events and members are encouraged to dress up. A couple of the events are competitive Saja versus Tyr events. Pick and choose a There Is Feudal event that works best for you.

Upcoming Changes to There Documentation

ANNOUNCEMENT: Next week will be updating our Terms of Service and Developer Submission Guidelines. We will be adding a policy for offensive items in There-Owned Zones as well as a Harassment Resolution Outline. The updates to our documentation will go into effect immediately upon the date of release. We will make another announcement when the updates have been posted. We appreciate your cooperation with the changes to our service.