Check out this great blog post from a fellow Thereian talking about as a second home away from home. It’s very insightful and well thought out. ”’cutepoints



THERE.COM and HOME (Excerpt from the Duda Beach Gazette)

Those are the two words to remember: THERE.COM and HOME. When you are wondering where the people are, remember that is your home away from real life home. As such it operates like a home would expect to be operated. Ask yourself this: Is there a constant parade of people and parties and fanfare going on 24/7 in my real life home? Obviously, the answer to that is NO. (for the average person anyway). A home is where you spend a lot of time relaxing and meditating by yourself or with special people. Only on special occasions do you have company over.  As in the real world, there are times when everything is buzzing around like bees in a hive and there are times when everything is quiet again in cycles.
Think about what you do normally at your home…

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