New Trial Plan Available Soon!

I am so There

Soon we’re going to be introducing a new, even easier way to try There!

They’re called “Silent Trials”, and they’re designed to let people easily sign up and experience There, with a few limitations.

The good news is that it’s free, you don’t need a PayPal or Stripe account, and your trial can last forever, if you wish.

It’s called a “Silent Trial” because while you’re free to explore the world, ride buggies, play paintball, and to use text chat, or IMs to communicate with Helpers or Island Guides, you won’t be allowed to communicate with anyone else without moving up to a subscription of some sort.

(The advantage of this is that if a minor accidentally signs up for There, the chances of them running across offensive or unsafe content will be minimized until they realize this is an 18+ World and they should go elsewhere. Of…

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