Winter There Games Start This Week!


Get your game face on because the 2015 Winter There Games kick off at the end of this week! The sixteen teams are getting hyped for the Winter Games to begin. There has been a lot of activity lately in the Winter There Games Village and the different color teams have been having team meet ups at the name tag color hangouts. The Village is buzzing awaiting the start of a 10-day series of spectacular There Games events!

Please join us for the 2015 Winter There Games Opening Ceremony Event on Thursday, February 19th! The Ceremony will be held in the Winter There Games Village starting at 6:00 PM PST/9:00 PM EST. The Opening Ceremony will begin with a couple of speeches from the community followed by the running of the torches and lighting of the flame. There will be a special flyover formation by the Harrier Jet Flight Team at the end of the Opening Ceremony followed by a night of entertainment and dancing hosted by Club99. Head West of the Winter There Games Village to the Club99 PAZ  WTG 2015 to continue the celebration.

How do I know which team I’m on?

Everyone is invited to play and is already part of a team. The color of your name tag determines which team you are on. There are sixteen name tag colors. There is a handy name tag sign set out at the Winter Games Welcome Center. Click on the name tag sign and your avatar will type the name of your color team. Once you know which team you’re on, join your name tag color Club to stay in touch with fellow teammates.

How do I sign up for an event?

It’s fun and easy to participate in Winter There Games events. Click here to see a handy list of the official There Games events. Start signing up now for the events that look appealing to you. There are plenty of fun activities from low-key social gatherings to extreme racing and paintball.

How do I keep track of the daily scores?

Thanks to the handy Official There Games Scoreboard you can keep an eye on the daily totals and find out which team is in the lead. The Scoreboard also makes it easy to find and sign up for events listed for each individual day.

Have a question or want to know more about the upcoming Winter There Games events? Check out our helpful Frequently Asked Questions.

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