The Hunt For Bigfoot in There Continues…

Bigfoot has been causing quite the stir during Camp-A-Palooza events in There! There have been several sightings at Camp Nada, Camp Lake Aurora and now Camp Pineapple Forest. With all of the campers encroaching on his natural habitat, Bigfoot has been making some bold moves showing his face in high traffic areas. Trivia guests were startled when he was spotted running through Tiki Talk Tuesday a few days ago.


Image credit Jackie Fitzmaurice.

Thereians have been tracking the elusive beast and documenting sightings of the hairy creature on Facebook. It’s been a challenge for campers to catch photos of him close up. Most often his name tag is seen off in the distance or quick pics have been snapped of him running away with his back to the camera.

Image credit Kate Lanier.

Image credit Kate Lainer.

At this point Thereians are unsure of what he has been feasting on to keep up his energy reserves eluding groups of curious campers and packs of trail sniffing dogs. There was a murmur through the crowds of campers that Clucky has been missing for several days. It is feared There’s beloved mascot may have turned into Bigfoot’s dinner. No word yet on whether chicken bones were present in the latest discovery of Bigfoot’s scat.


Image credit Pyrena_Zosime.

Join the Bigfoot Quest during Camp-A-Palooza and find all of the clues. The Quest runs till the end of the fourth week of camping. There is also a special search party event during Cross Country Racing on Friday night. The crew of campers plan to cruise a caravan of Hoverboats all over the island of Caldera in search of Bigfoot. You never know, you could be the camper who catches him!

Image credit Sarah Thomas.

Image credit Sarah Thomas.

Image credit Rox Anne Rye.

Image credit Rox Anne Rye.

If you should discover Bigfoot on your own, do not approach him. There is safety in numbers. Make sure to capture his photograph and post it to the Thereian Community Facebook Page to be entered into a drawing. The more locations you find him in, the better your chances at winning the Bigfoot drawing. Make sure your photo captures his name tag and avatar.

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  1. […] search for Bigfoot continues! Make sure to capture his photograph and post it to the Thereian Community Facebook Page […]


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