Summer There Games Islands Open House

We’ve overhauled the Summer There Games Neighborhood! Come check out the newest upgrades the islands have to offer. We would like to invite you and your friends to an open house to tour the new buildings. coliseum, museum, statues & more!

There_There_Hoods_2015-08-03 19-16-11

Summer There Games Welcome Center

Start your tour out at the new Welcome Center where you can find information about the upcoming Summer Games. The new 2015 Summer merchandise is also on display! Pick up a poster, banner or flag to place in your own home or Neighborhood to help promote the Games. You can try on and purchase There Games clothing directly from our fashionable mannequins.

We’ve set up a Summer There Games Museum honoring clothing and merchandise from previous years. Don’t miss the one-of-a-kind winner’s platforms created for the very first Games event. Let us know if we are missing any Summer Games historical items that should be present in the Museum. Special thanks to Orielle for helping us track down most of the items on display.

There_There_Hoods_2015-08-03 19-21-45

Summer There Games Museum

Up on the Grassy Knoll, Club99 has set up a grand stage for the opening and closing ceremonies. They will provide music and dancing in celebration of the Summer There Games.

There_There_Hoods_2015-08-03 19-26-34

Get the party started at the Grassy Knoll with ClubRadio99!

With help from the community, we were able to track down and restore the Summer There Games statues to their prior glory. They now have a permanent home for everyone to admire and enjoy.

    There_There_Hoods_2015-08-03 19-10-00

The Nametag Team Hangouts introduced at the Winter There Games were so popular with the members we decided to bring the over to the Summer Hood too! The Summer Games Islands are now home to sixteen new Lots with open hosting rights. We’ve created one for each nametag color to use as a hangout during the STG events. Find your team hangout and start decorating!

There are two new Lots dedicated to table games in There. Summer Cards is available for open hosting during the Games and at other times. We also have set up several cracked tables over at Cracked Events. Pick up a brochure to find out how you can host at both Lots.

There_There_Hoods_2015-08-03 19-18-08

Host your own Cracked There Games Event!

If you are interested in hosting a There Games event, but not sure where to hold it at, there are two wonderful options in the Summer There Games Islands Neighborhood. If you are looking for a large grassy area, the There Games Park is available for open hosting. We also have Tiki Beach a waterfront Lot that is available as well. Contact PrincessPebbie if you would like to host an event during There Games.

We hope you enjoy the recent changes to the Summer There Games Islands! We’re looking forward to the upcoming Games and encourage everyone to participate and have fun.

The Games will be held this year from August 28th through September 6th. Keep an eye on our blog for upcoming information about activities and events as we get closer to the Summer There Games.

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