Build Your Team Hangout For There Games!


The  Summer There Games Islands are now home to sixteen new Lots with open hosting rights. We’ve created one for each Nametag color to use as a hangout during There Games events.

Find your Nametag color at the Summer Games Welcome Center and then head south towards the team hangout island. You can find a handy list of all of the color hangouts here and teleport to your team’s Lot directly.

Think of the Nametag color hangouts as a spot to tailgate before the big There Games events start! You can plan meet and greets, parties, roundups or practice your card game skills with other teammates prior to the Games.

Everyone on your team has hosting rights to the Lot. You can decorate your team hangout by setting an Event and dropping items.  It’s a good idea to save your layout so that you can set it back out at a later time if you need it. We ask that you stick to decorating your own Nametag color Lot and let the other teams take care of their own hangouts.

You can find decorative There Games items in the Auctions to spruce up the place! Keep your team color and the Summer There Games in mind when decorating your team hangout.

We look forward to checking out the creative and fun builds all of the different teams come up with. Find your team hangout and start decorating!

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  1. […] up for hosting events, attending events and lounging around with friends in between events at their Nametag color hangout! Get your There Games gear out and decorate your space for the 2015 Summer There […]


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