Help Us Test A New Feature In There – BRICKS!

Samsyn has been hard at work creating and playing with Bricks! This upcoming new feature to There is a game piece that can be dropped into a Real Estate Zone. Each piece has 100 Brick objects to play with. Not only can you move them all around the Zone, but their shape and material can also be manipulated. Think of the Bricks like elevators for Avatars and vehicles.


We’d like to invite you over to our testing playground at Pumpkin_Jack’s Neighborhood to come and play with the new Bricks and offer us your thoughts and feedback. Let us know what you think and shoot us an email at

Here’s some light reading material on how to interact with the Bricks. If you get stuck or have any questions, please let us know. Don’t forget to click “Stop Bricklaying” when you are done testing out the Bricks. Happy building!

Here are a couple of fun videos showing Thereians playing around with the new Bricks.

Bricks are only recently available for testing to Thereians. Their functionality will continue to evolve and change as we make updates from your suggestions. We’re looking forward to sharing the final product with you in the future!

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