Island Games in There

bannerDo you want to play a game? Six randomly chosen teams will go head to head in a ten day friendly competition in the virtual world  Island Games run May 14th through May 22nd.

Sign up for the Island Games Invite List if you would like to participate. Once you are a member of the group, you will receive an invite to the team you’ve been assigned to. In order to play, you must sign up for the Invite List by May 7th. The deadline to accept your invitation to the team group is May 10th. Click on IslandGames_Avie’s profile for more information. To participate in the Island Games events, you must be a Basic or Premium Member.

Events for Island Games are being added daily to the Activities Page. Sign up in advance for events that spark your interest and inner competitor. Once the Island Games have started, you can keep track of your team’s points with the official Island Games’s Scoreboard.

Keep an eye out for event updates on the Island Games Facebook page. You can also check out the Island Games FAQs for more information.

Good luck to all of the teams!

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  1. This was great to reaad


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