Virtual World There Helps Cure Isolation Boredom


As people in every country retreat to their homes for self-isolation, they are turning to 3-D Virtual Worlds like to connect and socialize in real-time with people around the globe. Staying digitally connected to loved ones and being able to socialize online with friends who are quarantined or practicing social distancing is a lifeline right now for many people who are struggling with being stuck at home due to COVID-19. The Virtual World There is a great three-dimensional social network to stay in touch with family and friends as we all try to beat isolation boredom.

In There you can express your individuality and customize your Avatar’s hair, body type and clothing. Talk to other avatars using real-time Voice or text chat to communicate.  You can make your avatar dance, run, drive, fly and emote feelings. Sign up now and in a few minutes you’ll be able to explore hundreds of different locations, build a virtual dream home, play cards with friends, party it up on the dance floor, shoot a game of paintball or race your buggy down at the track. In addition to all of the fun activities to do in There, the 3-D online social tool can also be used for business meetings, classes, conferences, festivals and large social gatherings.

Curious what it’s like to live an active social life online? Check out the Virtual World There for FREE with a Silent Trial Account. You do not have to wait for a Free There Weekend to log in and play. Silent Trials in There are now available 24/7! Connect online with people from all around the world in a beautiful 3-D environment. All you have to do is download There and create your avatar. Silent Trials are FREE and do not require a credit card, but your text chat is limited to Phoenix Stars (New Member Helpers) and There Staff.

Invite family and friends to There and text chat with them if you have a Basic Trial Account. Basic Trials require an age-check which unlocks the ability to use text-chat in-world with a one-time (per avatar) charge of $0.50 USD. You must be 18 or older to use There. Premium Memberships have full access to all of the bells and whistles. You can use Voice to hear and speak in real-time with other Premium Members. The cost is an affordable $10.00 USD for a monthly subscription to gain full access to the Virtual World There. You may use a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account to pay the monthly subscription. No matter what your budget is, we’ve got you covered during this time of self-isolation! Find the type of membership in There that is right for you and get back to having a social life.

The Thereian community hosts daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal themed events. You can find people logged into There during different times of the day by going to the Activities Page and signing up for Events. You can also search the Places Page to find people hanging out in Neighborhoods. If you need assistance in There, look for a Phoenix Star New Member Helper and they can help you navigate the Virtual World and introduce you to new friends. You can spot them easily because they have a Star in the front of their name tag.

You may be completely new to the idea of creating an avatar and living life online or you could be returning home to There after a long hiatus. Either way, we welcome you to socialize, explore and connect with other people who are also isolated at home looking for a more animated and vocal way to communicate with others online beyond text, photos and videos.

Download the 3-D Virtual World social platform. We are waiting for you There.

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  1. Yoohoo! For those who remember or are still THERE in

    Aloha Therians! Hazzy and Buddy made me do it! We have a new group to help us get through these challenging times! Please join us!

    Group Description Former Staff, Current Staff and Members Reconnect and Newly Connect to Support and Survive Social Distancing through the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020 with Virtual Socializing in There!

    P. S. Yep… I rented my original Hula’s Hale today and will be decorating tonight. ʻʻʻYAY

    Spread the word! 💜


    1. Welcome back to There! Have fun decorating your old house. You can follow the official There Virtual World Facebook page at


  2. desperately need to think out of the box. I have huge respect for the dedication and work behind this game for all these years, and the huge work to bring back when it was almost gone.

    Yet the world is a ghost town compared to its peak era… what kind of solutions been on the table? Is it possible to team up with Facebook to make a in web browser client, that people can easily sign up to with Facebook informations.

    Maybe its possible to get on steam under free to play. can run on all PC’s. Its graphics are Toony and still works today. It’s one seamless world. But I can’t ignore the fact that the game is hidden on the internet and only remembered as the game that went down and never recovered… is there really the potential or have everything been swept off the table?


    1. Thanks for taking the time to stop by our blog. We love your enthusiasm for and appreciate hearing your thoughts about the online game. For the last several years has been a vibrant member-driven community. Times have changed since the early 2000’s and our members have created new hots pots and hangout zones that you have to explore to find. Gone are the days of thousands of new members hanging out in spawing areas after an airing of the Dr. Phil show segment about There is a healthy population in our Virtual World, you just have to know when and where to look for people. Check the Activities Page for daily, weekly and monthly themed events and sign up to get invitations to meet new people. Folks tend to hangout in Neighborhoods. We recommend searching the Places Page and checking out a list of hoods to tour and find new people at. If you ask our community that has been playing for over a decade, they will share with you that our game is certainly alive and well. We have seen a surge in new players and returning members since the start of self-isolation around the world due to COVID-19. is a fun and easy 3-D social platform that allows people who are sheltered in place the opportunity to socialize and talk in real-time with other folks from around the world. You can follow our Facebook page and help get the word out about There by sharing our Page as well as liking and leaving comments.


      1. I’ve been through every few months to see if things changed, only to find empty spots all over, i did also look in places page, the event page and neighberhoods. was not just populated due to Dr. Phil, it was populated because it was free and that made it a competent competitor to Second life which is free to play. There was a lot of players who never paid money, there were also a lot of kids. But in one of the biggest assets has to be community, people and a world that is alive. It was very, very alive.

        This is possible for it to be again, on this new and optimized platform that was established after closure. All you need is to be accesible from a popular platform. I can’t possibly come up with any reason why you would not want to partner up with someone and really bring back to glory again. Thats why i am asking.

        What you’re writing doesent remotely answer what im adressing.


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