Saja vs Tyr Photo Challenge

Join forces with Team Saja or Team Tyr to battle it out in the saga of good versus evil. The Tyr vs Saja Photo Challenge is a competitive event held during the There Is Feudal theme in the Virtual World There. Pledge your allegiance to Saja or Tyr and complete the photo challenge on your own or with friends.

MISSION: Tyr vs Saja Photo Challenge – Thursday, July 2nd at 8:00 PM EST


At the start of the event, teleport to Pocket’s Paintball Park to begin your mission. Before you lies two separate paths to adventure. The quest on the left leads to the land of Saja. The quest on the right leads to the land of Tyr. You must choose wisely.

On your mission you will travel to 3 different spots in the Virtual World There. Follow the photo challenge instructions at each quest clue to discover the next photo shoot location. You will need to provide photographic evidence of your journey and prove your allegiance to the team.

You may choose to do a solo-mission or join forces with your chosen team to accept the Tyr vs Saja Photo Challenge. You have a span of two hours to complete your mission to earn points for Team Saja or Team Tyr. During the competitive team event, click on the Saja or Tyr Quest clue to get started. Answer the quest clue to depart to your first photo location. Follow the quest clues to complete the Tyr vs Saja Photo Challenge.


The object of the Tyr vs Saja Photo Challenge is to earn the most points for your team. Each member of the highest scoring team will earn a special prize. In order to be eligible for the special team prize, you’ll need to register your Avatar name by completing the Saja Quest or the Tyr Quest in addition to submitting your entry by email for the photo challenge.

-Earn 3 points for your team by entering the photo challenge.
-Earn 2 points for every successfully completed photo task.
-Earn 1 point for every Avatar present in your photo.


  1. You must dress accordingly to your alliance for each photo. Find an outfit in Auctions and either purchase it or use the Try-It option for free.
  2. You must email your three photos to with the following information:
    -Email Subject: Saja vs Tyr
    -Your Avatar Name
    -Your Team – Saja or Tyr
    -Attach Your 3 Photos
    DO NOT post your photos to Facebook. They will be featured in a There blog post and highlighted on the official There Facebook page.

The Professional Photographer Award will be given to the participant with the best overall photo during the mission. The winner of this award will receive a RLX Green Turbo Hoverbike or a Flying Machine Hoverboat.

To be considered for this prestigious award, all 3 of your photo submissions must fit the following criteria:

  1. Photo must be clear of chat bubbles and name tags.
  2. Compass, menus and IM windows must be turned off or minimized.
  3. Desktop screen grabs must be edited. Remove your computer background. Crop out any There menus.
  4. There must be something funny, creative or interesting happening in the photo. It could also be a large group photo of either Team Saja or Team Tyr.

***YOU CAN PLAY FOR BOTH TEAMS! Do the photo quest for Saja and send in an entry. Do the photo quest for Tyr and send in a separate entry. Invite your friends along and encourage them to enter the photo challenge too.


Team Saja Photo Task #1

Team Saja Photo Task #2

Team Saja Photo Task #3

Team Tyr Photo Task #1

Team Tyr Photo Task #2

Team Tyr Photo Task #3

Best of luck to all of our participants! The Tyr vs Saja Photo Challenge was brought to you by the There Is Feudal themed event in There.

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