Pups In The Pool


The Dog Days of Summer are H-O-T in There.com! A wild pack of canines have invaded a backyard pool in the Mahalo Neighborhood to cool off. They’ve been living it up having fun swimming and splashing around while the homeowner was away on vacation in the Tiki Islands.

Upon returning, the homeowner discovered the doggy disaster in their backyard. As you can imagine, the pool filtration system started backing up from all of the dog fur. Their efforts to coax ten pups out of the pool in order to clean it were unsuccessful. The homeowner frantically called all of the local pool cleaning services in the Virtual World There and left several messages for an emergency pool appointment. Your boss at Wicked Clean Pool Service has contacted you to take the cleaning and dog removal appointment on Thursday, July 16th at 6:00 PM Pacific.

The pool cleaning service you work for will not be the only local Thereian pool company to show up for the job. You’ll have to go up against other pool boy/girl competitors to win the job site bid. The customer expects the job to be done quick! If you can remove all ten pups from the pool in 60 seconds or less you’ll receive a Top Dog Puppy Pal prop as payment for a job well-done. The pool boy/girl who can coax all ten dogs out in the fastest amount of time will win a special 2020 Dog Days of Summer buggy.

Only twenty-five pool boys/girls will be able to compete for the job site. Spectators are welcome to lounge in the patio furniture on the deck and watch the shenanigans unfold.  All competitors will receive a special gift. Read the rules at the start of the event and listen to the instructions from the Event Host and Co-Hosts.

Pups in the Pool has been brought to you by the Dog Days of Summer Events.






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