Flash Update News – There.com

Important Notice for Users of the Virtual World There.com

FLASH NEWS – As previously announced, Microsoft’s removal of Adobe Flash in Edge and Internet Explorer at the end of December 2020 will have a significant impact on gameplay in the virtual world There.com. Engineering Staff has been hard at work prepping and testing for the removal of Flash from the There client.

Microsoft has issued an update titled Update for Removal of Adobe Flash Player. This Windows 10 update will have negative consequences on virtual world gameplay in There. Applying this update will remove Adobe Flash Player from the user’s Windows device. Once this happens the user will not being able to use multiple features of the virtual world game There.

**Please note, disabling Microsoft updates can put your system at risk from malware and cybercriminals. Windows 10 patches help repair bugs and close security loopholes.

If you have already installed the Flash Removal Update and want to continue playing in the virtual world There, you can either reset your computer to an earlier system restore point or you can reinstall your Windows operating system. Refer to Microsoft’s article for more information.

Entering into 2021, the online community of There.com can expect a bumpy ride as our virtual world transitions through Microsoft’s demise of Adobe Flash. Thereians are strongly encouraged to report bugs to Engineering Staff. Please email Feedback@thereinc.com with your Avatar name and a detailed description of your user experience if you are having issues with gameplay.

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  1. There.com us the only virtual world I really love. I would hate to lose any aspect of it.


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