All Hallow’s Eve Events in There – October 31st

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Tonight’s the night we’ve all been waiting for! Halloween is finally here and the community has pulled out all of the stops to make this the best Halloween in There! Thereians have been hard at work decorating graveyards, haunted homes and spooky haunts getting ready for tonight’s fun-filled festivities. There are many fun events to choose from. Pick a different costume to wear to all of them!

The best thing about celebrating Halloween in There is FREE Freaky Friday! New and old members can join There and play for free on Halloween night.

Tonight’s Halloween Event Line-Up

Spirits Among Us Quest
Description: First prize 15k, second prize 5k. Seven clue quest a little complicated.
Time: 8:30 AM PDT

Bedknobs & Broomsticks Quest
An apprentice witch, three kids and a cynical conman search for the missing component to a magic spell useful to the defense of Britain.
Time: 2:00 PM PDT

Halloween Prize Event Lapping
Time: 3:00 PM PDt
Come Lap the new Halloween Track out at TVB! Top Ten Fastest Laps will be entered into a drawing for your Choice of three buggy prizes!

Haunted Cross Country Racing
Description: Join us for some Halloween fun racing for parts unknown for a chance at a prize!
Time: 5:00 PM PDT

MVB Halloween Party Quest
Description: A quest for the Club99 Fright Night Halloween Party. There will be a dice roll for 3 prizes during the party for all who finish the quest. You must be present to win. Please read the rule book.
Time: 5:30 PM PDT

Halloween Costume Contest
Description: Costume contest first place prize 30k tbxs and rare TUV. All are welcome.
Time: 6:00 PM PDT

Creepy Cannery Crawl
Description: The cove convenes in Cannery Hall. Once clan has gathered – ghouls will crawl out on the pier for ghastly fare, both large and tall! Tho Hall is empty, BONES will ROLL!!! (4 PRIZES!! Bring BOOS!!)
Time: 6:00 PM

Halloween Fright Night Event
Description: Welcome to the Halloween Fright Night event! There will be Quests, Bingo, Dice Roll, Costumes, Prizes, Dancing and lots of fun!
Time: 6:00 PM PDT

Horror Movie Quest
Description: Ex;ore the darker places of There with this Halloween quest.
Time: 8:00 PM PDT

While you’re out and about Trick-Or-Treating, why not visit some of the spooky spaces our members have created? In addition to the Haunted Houses submitted for the 2014 Halloween decorating contest, here are a few more Halloween haunts that shouldn’t be missed: The Creepy RockArrowWood CemeteryHalloween ScareHalloween Cave, Halloween Night,  and Bill’s Halloween Spooky Place.


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