Space, the Final Camp-A-Palooza Frontier!

It’s the final and fourth week of Camp-A-Palooza and the campers have gone to new heights to explore beyond the wilderness of There!

There_There_Hoods_2015-06-24 17-31-30

Bring your sky deck and Hoverpack to set up your own campsite in Space. A few generous campers have dropped additional sky decks for those of us to use who don’t have a lot of experience building in Space. Camping events will continue this week with Bigfoot Quests, campfire stories and Bigfoot Family Photos.

There_There_Hoods_2015-06-24 17-35-42 There_There_Hoods_2015-06-24 17-35-25There_There_Hoods_2015-06-24 17-36-32 There_There_Hoods_2015-06-24 17-34-33There_There_Hoods_2015-06-24 17-33-18 There_There_Hoods_2015-06-24 17-33-35

Earn camp badges for participating in the camp out each week! There are a total of seven badges to collect. Earn three badges to participate in the final Camp Challenge and collect any six badges to be eligible for a special prize. Once you have pitched your tent at the last location, you will want to add your campsite to the Camp-A-Palooza Camper Badges Sheet.

The search for Bigfoot continues! Make sure to capture his photograph and post it to the Thereian Community Facebook Page to be entered into a drawing. The more locations you find him in, the better your chances at winning the Bigfoot drawing. Make sure your photo captures his name tag and avatar.

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