Find Your Nametag Team for There Games

How can I join a team for There Games?

Congratulations, you are already part of a team!  There are sixteen There Games teams based on the sixteen avatar nametag colors. The nametag is the colored bar over your avatar’s head where your username is displayed.  Everyone has a nametag color that is randomly generated when you join

What if I can’t figure out what my nametag color is?

If you are not sure what your nametag color is, it’s easy to find out.  Just head over to the Winter Games Welcome Center and find one of the handy nametag signs.

When you click the sign’s action tag, it will tell you what color your nametag is.  Once you know your nametag color, find your team club listed here.  Joining your team’s club is a great way to meet people, make new friends and keep up to date with what’s going on.

Do I have to join my nametag team’s club to participate in There Games?

While joining your team’s club is a great way to connect with your fellow teammates, it is not required.  You can still go to There Games Events and earn points for your team.  The event Hosts will be able to see which team you belong to by (you guessed it!) looking at your nametag.

Can I change my nametag color?

Yes, you can change your nametag color here. However, you can’t change your nametag color during There Games. There are specific blackout dates that you will not be able to change nametag color, February 5th through March 14th. You can change your nametag color any time before or after the blackout dates. There will be a charge of 36,000T to change your nametag color.

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