Magical Kingdom – Unleashed!

Here ye, here ye! The Thereian community is celebrating Magical Kingdom – Unleashed in the virtual world May 12th through May 31st. It’s a mashup event of all of your favorite fairytales and storybook characters. Search the keyword Magical Kingdom on the Activities Page to find special events. Sign up for trivia, cross country racing, bay area boat system tours and much more! Magical Kingdom events are being added daily so check back during the week.

Choose from many different original designs listed in Auctions to decorate your home during the Magical Kingdom – Unleashed event. Build a castle or a fairytale cottage and host a tour of your storybook location.

Dress the part for Magical Kingdom – Unleashed! Our Designers have created so many different costumes it is hard to choose your favorite. Dress up as a princess, evil queen, dragon slayer or the court jester. Wear your costume during the themed event and stand out with your own creativity.

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