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Celebrate the beginning of summer with Camp-A-Palooza in There! During the month of June, the Thereian community will visit four different islands in There and pitch camp for a week in each spot. Dust off your camping gear and hike out into the wilderness to stake your claim at the first camp location. Meet up with fellow campers at Camp Nada for fireside chats and fun camping activities.

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Earn camp badges for participating in the camp out each week! There are a total of seven badges to collect.  Earn three badges to participate in the final Camp Challenge and collect any six badges to be eligible for a special prize. Once you have pitched your tent at any of the four locations, you will want to add your campsite to the Camp-A-Palooza Camper Badges Sheet.

The location of the next campsite will be announced after the Themed Planning Meeting on Tuesday, June 9th. Don’t miss out on the adventure!

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