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Summer Spots: Open Hosting

Did you know that there are lots of great outdoor venues in There where you can host events at? Get active in the community and throw a party! Event hosting is a great way to meet new people and have lots of fun at the same time. Check out some of these sweet summer spots we recommend holding your next event at.

Plan your next cookout with friends at the Tiki Dog. There’s plenty of picnic tables to accommodate a large party or family reunion. This unique outdoor location is a great background for summertime parties.


Everyone loves a good soak during the summer! Hot Tubs In The Sky and Compass Hill are great places to go hot tubin’ with your friends in There. Schedule your own bikini bash at one of these fun locations during Sunshine and Tan Lines Week.


Nothing says summertime like riding the rides at an amusement park! Host your next fun-filled event at Tree Frog Park located in Tropical Adventures. There are lots of animated rides in the park with something for everyone. If you like to take things slow, hop on the giant ferris wheel or if you like to shake it up a bit crash into your friends at the bumper car attraction. Tropical Adventures is a great place to play during the summer.


Summertime Pool and Beach Wear


The summer is sizzling and it’s getting hot in There. Don’t wear last year’s bathing suit! Get yourself a smokin’ new look and strut your stuff on the shore. That’s right, now is the time to start looking for that perfect bikini or pair of board shorts for the beach and pool parties happening during the Sunshine and Tan Lines event this week.

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Search the Auctions for the latest men’s and women’s summer fashions. Men’s Keywords: Board Shorts, Bare Chest, Summertime, Sunglasses. Women’s Keywords: Bikini, Bathing Suit, Summer, Bare Feet, Sunglasses


Look Hot This Summer!


The Sunshine and Tan Lines event starts this week! Is your avatar ready for summer?  In There it’s super easy to change your look in a flash. Just hop into a spa and enjoy a few “spa treatments.”  You can change your skin tone, facial features and body shape by moving the sliders in the ChangeMe window. Click Save and voila – instant makeover!

Spas are located in convenient places throughout There, including:

* Fisher Island
* Paiz Island
* Karuna Plaza
Phoenix Park

After you’ve created your fresh summer look, cruise the Auctions for a new bikini or pair of board shorts and sunglasses.

Featured Summer Video: Kokomo

To get you in the mood for summertime in There and this week’s upcoming event Sunshine and Tan Lines, here is a featured video by Thereian Aluria set to the tune of the Beach Boys song Kokomo. Grab a chilled beverage, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Summer Spot: Underwater Environment

The Sunshine and Tan Lines event kicks off next week in the 3-D virtual world There promoting fun summer activities to do with friends online while beating the heat in real life. This week we plan on highlighting unique Summer Spots you can visit in There. We’re on the hunt for the best virtual pools, hot tubs, swimming holes and beaches that inspire that carefree summertime feeling when hanging out with friends.


While exploring the waterways of the Fantasy Island Neighborhood, we stumbled upon a beautiful waterfall spanning the length of the water channel. Upon closer inspection, we discovered the entrance to an underwater cave on top of the falls and couldn’t resist taking the plunge into the underwater environment.


If you have never had the opportunity to swim in the ocean in There, this is your chance to experience  a unique and serene underwater world. As you walk down through the entrance to the cave and submerge your avatar underwater, the tranquility and beauty of the sea life below inspires a sense of calm and relaxation.


A blanket of colorful shells and bottom dwelling sea creatures span the sandy floor of the cavern. Large schools of fish dart back and forth around your head with a nervous energy.  Up close the water is a calm and tranquil shade of blue, but off in the distance it grows dark and murky. You can make out large shadows slowly gliding through the water. The curious movements draw you to the back of the cavern. A shipwreck from long ago dots the underwater landscape. The amount of bountiful booty strewn about in broken chests is a treasure hunter’s dream.


The calming effects of the underwater environment give off a sense of safety as you explore deeper towards the back of the cavern. Camouflaged in the drifting beds of kelp, giant avie-eating sharks lurk waiting for the next unsuspecting swimmer.


Luckily we don’t have Health in There, because otherwise it would be GAME OVER for any Avie brave enough to swim through these shark infested waters without a safety cage.


In addition to great white sharks and schools of fish, there are several mystical creatures who inhabit the underwater environment as well. We encountered beautiful mermaids, a shy water dragon and a very friendly octopus in our exploration under the sea.



Take the plunge and explore the amazing and unique Underwater Environment created by Lynn_2. We highly recommend visiting this one of a kind Summer Spot in There! If you are not a strong swimmer, we suggest using a flotation device and the buddy system to avoid being shark bait.


Splash Into Summer

Summer is officially here and it’s time to relax and enjoy the company of friends in There. Make sure you’re stocked up on everything you need to host a summer picnic, cookout or poolside party. There are great deals on summer items in the Auctions.

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Pick yourself up a PAZ and take it with you on a foot hike adventure across your favorite island in There. Drop your PAZ and set out a fancy picnic for your friends to enjoy as they soak up the scenery of our beautiful virtual world.

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Step up your backyard BBQ game with a new grill for your next cookout. Whether you like cooking with gas or charcoal, food always tastes best when it’s cooked outside. Don’t forget to grab hamburger and hot dog buns while you’re at the store!

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Be the summertime envy of all of your neighbors and install that new pool addition to your dream backyard. All the kids on the block will want to come to your pool party! Add some inner tubes and float toys for a fun time in the water.

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We’ve got you covered for everything you need to host your next picnic, pool party or cookout! Check out Shop Central and the Auctions for more summer necessities.




Celebrate the beginning of summer with Camp-A-Palooza in There! During the month of June, the Thereian community will visit four different islands in There and pitch camp for a week in each spot. Dust off your camping gear and hike out into the wilderness to stake your claim at the first camp location. Meet up with fellow campers at Camp Nada for fireside chats and fun camping activities.

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Earn camp badges for participating in the camp out each week! There are a total of seven badges to collect.  Earn three badges to participate in the final Camp Challenge and collect any six badges to be eligible for a special prize. Once you have pitched your tent at any of the four locations, you will want to add your campsite to the Camp-A-Palooza Camper Badges Sheet.

The location of the next campsite will be announced after the Themed Planning Meeting on Tuesday, June 9th. Don’t miss out on the adventure!

Score 2015 Camp-A-Palooza gear in the Auctions!