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There.com Flash Update

In January 2021, Microsoft discontinued security updates and support for Adobe Flash Player. The 3-D virtual world There is a Flash-based game. Microsoft released an update containing a kill switch for Flash resulting in the loss of several game features in There. To enjoy full gameplay in There, a member can download Flash 10.1 and the missing game features will return to normal. The user must understand the security risks involved with the continued use of Adobe Flash.

What are the game features that no longer work in There with the loss of Flash?

  • Action Bar
  • Card Tables
  • Change Me
  • Communicator
  • Compass
  • Fun Finder
  • Message Notifications
  • Accepting Therebucks Confirmation
  • Accepting Items Confirmation
  • Change Layout Confirmation
  • Clear Layout Confirmation
  • Coin Outcome Display
  • Dice Outcome Display
  • Event Notification
  • Instant Messaging
  • Shortcut Bar
  • Teleport Screen
  • Trade Window
  • Volume Controls

How can I get the Flash features to work again in There?

Microsoft’s update removed Flash from the user’s system. Thereians will need to reinstall Flash in order to gain access to all of the game features in the virtual world. Members will need to understand the security risks involved with using Flash now that Microsoft no longer offers security updates and support. Flash version 10.1 is the suggested replacement. The recommended version 10.1 is an older version of Flash that is compatible with all of the game features in There and does not include the kill switch update. It is recommended to run the Adobe Flash uninstaller prior to installing Flash 10.1.

How do I uninstall old versions of Flash on my computer?

There is a possibility that old versions of Flash may still be on your computer even after Microsoft’s update to remove Flash. It is important to remove any trace of other versions of Flash from your computer prior to installing Flash 10.1.

How do I uninstall Flash 10.1 on my computer?

  • Stop any running programs which use Flash, including Internet Explorer.
  • Use Firefox or Chrome to Download and run the Flash Uninstaller
  • Follow the uninstaller instructions
  • Reboot your computer

How do I install Flash 10.1 on my computer?

  • Stop any running programs which use Flash, including Internet Explorer
  • Use Firefox or Chrome to Download and run the Flash 10.1 Installer
  • Follow the installer instructions
  • Reboot your computer
  • Log into There and enjoy all of the Flash-based game features

Please report any technical bugs or segmentation violations to Staff by emailing Feedback@thereinc.com. Include your Avatar name, description of the issue and attach any crashdump files to your email.

Flash Fix For Virtual World There

ANNOUNCEMENT: On December 31, 2020 Microsoft will remove the ability to run Adobe Flash in Edge and Internet Explorer. The Virtual World platform There.com will be affected by the removal of Flash.

Flash currently runs several key controls in There like the MessageBar, ChangeMe, the Compass and all of the card games. With the removal of Flash, an Avatar may not be able to use the features mentioned or be able to answer Instant Messages or accept a teleport summons.

The Engineering Staff at There is currently working on an alternative that will allow users to continue playing one of the oldest virtual world platforms despite Microsoft discontinuing Flash. In the new year, Flash will stop working in browsers, but most likely will continue working in-game. The main problem will be with the 2-D web pages. Currently, our Engineers are considering this issue a bug and will most likely be able to create a fix for it.

With so much uncertainty in the real world at this point in time, the Thereian community can look forward to playing There in 2021 and beyond. Moving forward in the new year, users are encouraged to contact Customer Service via email at Feedback@thereinc.com to report any technical issues or bugs related to the removal of Flash.