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Ourstock Oobie Antics Event


Photo Credit: Robert Rodrigues

Are you ready for a fun and challenging Ourstock event silly enough to give you the giggles? You’ll need an Ourstock Oobie prop to wear and a whole lot of determination and patience to win this game. The shenanigans begin Thursday, November 17th at 5:00 PM PST/8:00 PM EST.


Once you’ve got your bear suit on, enter the red elevator that will take you up to the platform. Step out onto the rickety platform and gain your balance. You must successfully walk, run and jump over the obstacles stacked along the narrow pathway. Watch out for the bubble trap in the middle…you’ll never escape!  You must complete your journey over the beam and through the obstacles all the way to the chair on the bell tower in order to be included in the dice roll. Avies are not allowed to save spots to teleport back to if they fall off. You will be disqualified if you cheat. You must start over at the elevator entrance if you lose your balance. You can attempt the crossing as many times as you like during the duration of the event. Pushing, shoving and jumping are all allowed as it is every BEAR for himself!


The prize for first and second place is $13,500 Tbux or a special 2016 Ourstock ZMW buggy. First place gets to choose the Tbux or vehicle prize.  Sign up early to get to the event as there will be a lot of avies dressed up like bears pushing and shoving their way to first place.


10th Anniversary Ourstock Festival


Image Credit: pHluid13

Grab your bell bottom pants and groovy glasses because Ourstock in There.com is in full swing! The hippies have taken over and it’s all about peace, love and granola. Don’t miss out on the 10th anniversary of the Ourstock festival in There.com going on until November 20th. Events are being added daily so search Ourstock on the Activities page to find the next event.


Photo Credit: Mimi Beckton Facebook


Photo Credit: Robert Rodrigues Facebook

The next upcoming event for the festival is Ourstock BINGO to be held on November 14th at 6:00 PM PST/9:00 PM EST and hosted by PrincessPebbie.

The 10th annual Ourstock event is being hosted on Hippie Islands. Pitch your tent on the outskirts of the Islands and hang out for the next week and enjoy the festival with new friends and neighbors. You can grab a PAZ from the Shop to set up camp.

ourstockbug ourstockbanner ourstockshirtf

Celebrate Ourstock in There!

It’s that time of year again where Hippies gather to celebrate good music and good people at Ourstock! The annual festival held at Hippie Islands runs through Sunday, November 23rd.

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2014-11-14 18-24-42

Hippie Island invites the community to drop PAZes around the neighborhood and get in touch with their groovy side. All fun, festive and creative builds are welcome. There is quite the collection of around twenty-five eclectic PAZes surrounding the hood already. So, grab a PAZ, some fun decorations and join the party!

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2014-11-14 18-32-06  There_Pyrena_Zosime_2014-11-14 18-30-14

There are tons of fun events scheduled during Ourstock. Check the Activities Page for a longer list of events. There will be live performances, dancing, scavenger hunts, BINGO, Groovy Bug racing, Oobie the Ourstock bare foot races, quests and other exciting events. Here’s a quick peek at what is happening this Friday!

Ourstock Cannon Ball Run hosted by mademoisellefifi
Description: Get down and crazy at the Ourstock Cannon Ball Run!
Time: Friday, Nov. 14th at 1:00 PM PST

Club99 Rocks the OurStock Stage hosted by Zip
Description: Club99 kicks off the OurStock Festival with some groovy tunes. Put your dancing shoes on for a night of fun & entertainment. Hope to see you there! Let’s Party! Peace, love and music!
Time: Friday, Nov. 14th at 4:00 PM PST

CCR Grrrooovy Race 1 hosted by ccr_Gina
Description: Celebrate Ourstock the groovy way with your Hippy Groovy Buggy and some cool tunes!
Time: Friday, Nov. 14th at 5:00 PM PST

Ourstock runs till Sunday, November 23rd. There’s plenty of groovy events happening over the next several days. Check the Activities Page for more Ourstock Events. Peace, love and music!