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Neighborhood News


We’ve got good news! Our members have been asking for more affordable 20-Acre Neighborhoods since the dawn of New There and we are excited to announce that we have released a limited amount of smaller hoods that will be available in the Auctions over the next few weeks.

We’ve removed some of the larger 100-Acre Neighborhoods and replaced them with a couple of 20-Acre hoods to increase our small hood supply. There are now just shy of a dozen new small waterfront Neighborhoods spread throughout Aurora, Kansas and Comet with one unique landlocked lavender field 20-Acre hood on Aurora.

All of the new waterfront hoods have a rental due date of June 9th. We will be releasing them a few at a time over the next four weeks into our Neighborhood Auctions.  Keep an eye out on our blog for Auction announcements for the 20-Acre hoods.

If you’re interested in one of our 45-Acre private Islands or a spacious 100-Acre hood, send a request to feedback@thereinc.com with the  doid to the hood you are interested in and we’ll place it in the Auctions for you so that you can bid on it. You can find the Neighborhood doid in the description area of the Neighborhood details page or at the end of the Neighborhood URL. It is an eight digit number.

Learn how you can build your own community in There with the Neighborhood Set-Up Manual. Build your dream town and earn monthly Tbux from Lot renters in your Neighborhood.   Invest in Real Estate in There and start your own community of friends and family with your very own Neighborhood in There!  Shop the Auctions for a new 20-Acre or send an email request for a 45-Acre or 100-Acre hood to get started.


Own Your Own Neighborhood In There!


Looking for a 45-Acre or 100-Acre Neighborhood to start your own community of family and friends? Check out the latest Neighborhoods available in the Auctions. Build your dream home in There! Start today by placing your Auction bid.

With gentle rolling hills as far as the eye can see, this 45-Acre zone is a real gem! Located in North Kansas, you’ll want to call this beautiful Neighborhood home! The next rental due date for NH 18901834 is September 23rd. Visit this 45-Acre Neighborhood and claim your space by placing a bid on the rental deed.

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2015-09-08 18-55-01

Expand your opportunities in There and rent your own Neighborhood Zone. NH 19857732 is the perfect starter Neighborhood! Invite your buddies to be a part of your community. Located off the shores of Comet Island, this flat 45-Acre Neighborhood includes long sandy beaches and plenty of water for ships and boats. The next rental due date for NH 19857732 is September 24th. Don’t miss out on this all sand 45-Acre Neighborhood and place your bid!

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2015-09-08 18-56-26

Own your own 45-Acre Island in There! This beautiful all white sand island is located off the coast of Aurora. Secluded and private, you can build your own boating community with friends. Place your bid on this amazing 45-Acre zone and start your own Neighborhood! The next rental due date for NH 18902053 is September 23rd.

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2015-09-08 18-57-34

Own your own 100-Acre private island off the coast of Aurora! This amazing secluded island has its very own freshwater lake. Beautiful flat and green grass far as the eye can see. Lots of room for your yacht or pirate ship. Grab your friends and start your own Island community today! Visit this Island Neighborhood and place your bid! The next rental due date for this 100-Acre parcel of land is September 13th.

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2015-09-08 18-58-32