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There Is Feudal Castle Tours

Join the raid, we’re stormin’ the castle! The royals have a giant stash of treasure and gold hidden within the castle walls. Go back in time during There is Fuedal and take in the wonder that is Karma Kastle. Self-guided castle tours are scheduled daily in There.com.



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Thereian Renaissance – Play The Part

As Thereians go back in time this week for There is Feudal, make sure your avatar has the appropriate attire for the Renaissance period. Play the part as a knight in shining armor, village peasant or the royal  Queen. Our Designers have everything you need to look your best for medieval week in the There.

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Go Back In Time in There

Teleport back to the distant land of lords, ladies and dragons this week in our virtual world community with the Renaissance Faire event There is Feudal.


There is discord in the village and the peasants must relocate. Join your host KatesHappy at Karma Kastle with your PAZ in hand to find new land to conquer and settle upon for a fun week of medieval events. There is Feudal runs July 12th through the 19th.


Photo Credit B.A.B.S. Community Facebook Page

The skies will be full of fire breathing dragons during There is Feudal! Don’t miss out on the B.A.B.S. dragon floatilla happening the evening of July 13th. Catch a ride with friends or harness your own dragon and take over the skies.

There are many other exciting events during There is Feudal. Search “TIF” on the Activites page for card games, cross-country racing and the Queen’s Masquerade Ball to finish off this exciting medieval week in There.