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Cracked Out Cats

Who let the dogs out?! The Dog Days of Summer event has started in the Virtual World There.com. With so many dogs running around the islands the cats have been a little stressed out. Gather your feline friends and find sanctuary at the Cracked Out Cats event on Thursday, July 16th.

Cracked is a competitive vocabulary word game played in There. Players are challenged to race against the clock to come up with high scoring words in order to beat their opponent. Players pass around an egg timer. When the round is over a little chick bursts out of the egg and the person holding it is docked points.

Game play will start 10 minutes after the event begins. Watch the Zone IM box for the Event Host to announce the start of game play. The object is to play as many games as you can during the event to increase your score. Read the official Cracked Rules to learn about scoring and how to change the game table options.

All event attendees will receive free kitten ears for their Avatar to wear. The cool cat with the highest score will win a large cat and mice hoverboat.

Sign up for the feline-friendly Cracked Out Cats event. NO DOGS ALLOWED!