Hoist ye sails, tis the end o’ Pirate Week in There!


Shiver me timbers! Tis been a long battle of fightin’ and blunderin’ as ye ol’ Wenches and Seadogs been wrestlin’ fer ye Crew List. Grab yer pegged leg, hooks, eye patch or whistlin’ shoulder parrot and join us in celebratin’ the last great battle of Pirate Week in There.

Wednesday, September 24th Pirate Events

Extreme Pirate Bingo Hosted by EmmaJean
Category: Games
Description: Avast you SeaDogs and ye wenches, a Bingo game be held here, while we take a enjoy the entertainment from the Extreme Dancers.
Time: 6:00 PM PDT/9:00 PM EST

BABS Hayride! Hosted by KatesHappy
Category: Tours
Description: We ain’t lettin’ the pirates keep us from a hootin’ hollerin’ good hayride. RIGHT?! Featuring Hayride Hoveboat by Carpenter.
Time: 7:30 PM PDT/10:30 EST

Pirate Theme Finale Hosted by B_A_B_S
Category: Adventures
Description: Who rules and who drools? Will we have a new king or queen? Last chance to wear your pirate gear.
Time: 8:30 PM PDT/11:30 PM EST

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