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Call For Summer Games Event Hosts


The There Games are hailed as one of the largest crowd-drawing events in There.com.  The foundation of the Games is the creative, fun and competitive events dreamed up and put on by friendly There Games event Hosts and Co-Hosts. Each year There Games competitors look forward to the unique types of events offered by each Host. There are all kinds of competitors with different interests, skill levels and abilities who seek out events like card games, vehicle races, costume parties, round-ups, underwater basket weaving and tons of other types of rewarding events. In order to have a successful There Games we need Event Hosts and Co-Hosts who are fired up and ready to put on fun and fantastic events for the competitors. We are putting out a call to all past, present and future Hosts to sign up to host a  There Games event this summer season.

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2014-08-13 18-17-57

If you are a seasoned Host or still climbing up the Event Host skill ladder, we’d love to have your participation in the upcoming Summer There Games. The Host Coordinators have a lot of great documents and information about Hosting events in There to share with you. There is a weekly meeting for There Games Event Hosts where you can get advice and support on how to set up and manage your event. They can help you get your events listed in the Official Scoreboard and help you figure out how you would like to score your event. The Host Coordinators  have come up with a helpful document for Event Hosts to learn about new and creative ways to score There Games events.

If you’re interested in hosting a Summer There Games event, sign up for the There Games Hosting Group to stay in contact with other Hosts and receive updates about important Host information. The weekly Host Meetings are held at There Games Park. The meetings are an hour-long and you can discuss your ideas and get feedback from other Hosts. Attending the meetings are not required, but they can be really helpful.  If you’re interested in hosting and can’t stop by a meeting, you can contact the Host Coordinators directly by ThereMail. The Host Coordinators for the 2016 Summer There Games are B_A_B_S & fatjohn. You can reach out to them if you have any questions.

We look forward to your Summer There Games Events!


Hippie Halloween B-I-N-G-O


Happy almost Halloween! The BINGO Maniacs are putting on another great game of BINGO this week. Join your host coolnet560 at Zip’s Shoe & Bingo 2 on Wednesday, October 21st at 6:00 PM Pacific/9:00 PM Eastern for a game of BINGO in There. Click here to sign up for the Hippie Halloween Bingo event.  Event sponsored by Hippie Islands.

Make sure to register prior to the start of the game at therebingo.com. Here you will create an account so you can log into the BINGO game and view the called numbers. The numbers are called out pretty quickly so pay attention and keep up so you can yell out BINGO if you’re a winner!

Join the BINGO Maniacs group for all of the latest information on BINGO played in There and for invites to all of their fantastic events.

Week Two of Camp-A-Palooza – Hike to Camp!

Everyone’s been having a blast singing campfire songs, playing games and chasing Big Foot over at Camp Nada during the first week of Camp-A-Palooza in There. A group of around sixty Thereians pitched tents, parked their campers and set up campfires around a central camp area on the island of  Nada.

Image credit https://www.facebook.com/peter.ibbotson.

Image credit Peter Ibbotson.

Camp-A-Palooza continues this week with a Hike to Camp event! Camp Counselors have scouted the second location and will lead happy campers out to the site to spend the next week in the virtual wilderness. Grab your hiking boots or Super Bunnies, (whichever you prefer) and join the gang for a fun adventure! Prime camping spots will go quickly so stake your claim with a PAZ and camping gear.

FrostBite is a Big Hit at the 2015 WTGs!

Get your hands on everyone’s new best little buddy in There! Tote around the adorable 2015 WTG penguin mascot doll, FrostBite to all of your scheduled Game events. There is also a fun and festive 2-D Cutout of him available to decorate your home or Clubhouse with during the Winter Games.



Hoist ye sails, tis the end o’ Pirate Week in There!


Shiver me timbers! Tis been a long battle of fightin’ and blunderin’ as ye ol’ Wenches and Seadogs been wrestlin’ fer ye Crew List. Grab yer pegged leg, hooks, eye patch or whistlin’ shoulder parrot and join us in celebratin’ the last great battle of Pirate Week in There.

Wednesday, September 24th Pirate Events

Extreme Pirate Bingo Hosted by EmmaJean
Category: Games
Description: Avast you SeaDogs and ye wenches, a Bingo game be held here, while we take a enjoy the entertainment from the Extreme Dancers.
Time: 6:00 PM PDT/9:00 PM EST

BABS Hayride! Hosted by KatesHappy
Category: Tours
Description: We ain’t lettin’ the pirates keep us from a hootin’ hollerin’ good hayride. RIGHT?! Featuring Hayride Hoveboat by Carpenter.
Time: 7:30 PM PDT/10:30 EST

Pirate Theme Finale Hosted by B_A_B_S
Category: Adventures
Description: Who rules and who drools? Will we have a new king or queen? Last chance to wear your pirate gear.
Time: 8:30 PM PDT/11:30 PM EST

Pirate Week in There! Wenches vs Seadogs Events For Friday


Weigh anchor, hoist the mizzen and batten down the hatches as we set sail for endless adventure in There during Pirate Week. Plenty o’ sword fightin’, plank walkin’ and plundern’ to be had! Shiver me timbers!

Friday, September 19th Pirate Events

Be Ye A Pirate Hosted by nickie08
Category: Quests
Description: Are you a Pirate? Think you can make it to the treasure map for a great prize? RumRunners Isle will be giving a buggy away as a prize.
Time: 5:00 AM PDT/8:00 AM EST
This is an ongoing Quest during Pirate Week so check the location for additional scheduled events.

Rrrrrr Me Mateys!!! Hosted by mademoisellefifi
Category: Quests
Description: Pirate quest sponsored by sidvicious2008 first prize 10k, second prize 5k dice roll when quest is over.
Time: 5:30 AM PDT/8:30 AM PDT

Rescue the Missing Pirate Crew Hosted by fatjohn
Category: Quests
Description: Rescue the missing pirate crew and be entered for a chance to win an awesome prize! This is an event for Pirate Week Wenches vs Seadogs!
Time: 12:00 PM PDT/3:00 PM EST
This is an ongoing Quest during Pirate Week so check the location for additional scheduled events.

Gasparilla Pirate Quest Hosted by Jayess1
Category: Quests
Description: A purported Spanish Pirate, the “last of the Buccaneers, “who is claimed to have raided the west coast of Florida during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Sponsored by RumRunner’s Isle.
Time: 1:00 PM PDT/3:00 PM EST
This is an ongoing Quest during Pirate Week so check the location for additional scheduled events.

Scurrvvyy Party at Duda Beach Hosted by Gabriellaa
Category: Party
Description: Grab ye parrots n hooks n get ready to party!!! Scurvy pirate music for ye everyday band o’pirates! Dancing made to match the music!
Time: 3:00 PM PDT/6:00 PM EST

CCR- BINGO Wenches vs SeaDogs Hosted by ccr_Gina
Category: Recreation
Description: Who will win, SeaDogs, or wenches? Arrgh! I’m bettin’ a pirate! Choose a side and try a race. Have some B-I-N-G-O fun while you are hanging out! Sponsored by RumRunner.
Time: 5:00 PM PDT/8:00 PM PDT

CCR SeaDogs vs Wenches Dice Roll Hosted by ccr_Gina
Category: Recreation
Description: Join us for the CCR dice roll at Rumrunners! Which pirate will win?
Time: 8:45 PM PDT/11:45 PM EST

Miss Fortune’s Hearts Tournament Hosted by DUBST3P
Category: Cards
Description: Miss Fortune is seeking scallywags for her new crew. Only the best hearts player can step foot onto ship. Wenches and seadogs are invited. Winner qualifies to take the prize. Pirate Week!
Time: 9:00 PM PDT/12:00 AM EST (Saturday)

Community Event Planning Meeting

There Event Planning Meeting

There Event Planning Meeting

Find out about what is going on in There at the Community Event Planning Meeting! Hosted weekly by EmmaJean on Tuesday evenings starting at 6:30 PM PDT/9:30 PM EST. During the Community Event Planning meeting, members discuss weekly and monthly theme ideas for There. Fun events are planned around seasons and holidays.

Do you have a great idea for a theme in There? Join us at tonight’s event! Bring your creative ideas to the roundtable or brainstorm new theme events with members.

You can keep up on upcoming events planned by the Community Event Planning team by checking out their calendar or following their blog.