Circus of the Stars


The Phoenix Stars are hosting a fantastic Circus of the Stars event for the Thereian Community on Saturday night. Grab your friends and head on down to Tropical Adventures for a fun night under the big top!

The festivities start at 5:00 PM PDT/8:00 PM EDT! Club99 will kick off the event with some great tunes located at the main entrance. Here you will find the Avie Cannon which shoots your avatar off into oblivion or you can choose something more mellow and have your fortune read by Stella the Fortuneteller. Test your knowledge and join the Circus Tropical Trivia Fun event at the main theater. There will be tight rope walking, a dunk tank and kiss a clown booth over at Tree Frog Park. Be sure not to miss the Bozo’s Balls on Fire event where you have a chance to win a special Circus of the Stars buggy!

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In addition to the carnival rides and spectacular events planned for the evening, this is your opportunity to come out and meet the Phoenix Stars! Who are the Phoenix Stars? They are a group of dedicated Thereians who assist and welcome new members to our community. They help facilitate the new member experience and show new folks all the great and wonderful things our awesome virtual world has to offer. With the recent Free Basic Trial option there are lots of new folks entering There. Free Trials do not have the ability to communicate with other members, but they are able to talk and interact with Phoenix Stars! You may have come across a new member in-world and have wanted to help them out, but weren’t able to communicate with them. The Circus of the Stars event is a great way to meet Phoenix Stars and add them to your buddy list so that you can call on them in the future to help with new members!

We look forward to seeing you at the Circus of the Stars event at Tropical Adventures on Saturday night! Make sure to pick up some of the specialty items created specifically for this fantastic big top event!

circusballoons  circusbuggy circusposter



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