Pupcation Postcard Awards

Thanks to all of our participants and their dogs who entered the Pupcation Postcard Photo Challenge. We received so many great photos of dogs and their owners playing and having fun throughout the different island locations in There. We are looking forward to to releasing the postcard entries a few at a time to the official There Facebook page over the next several weeks. Keep an eye out for all of the fantastic virtual vacation photos. We hope you’ll give your favorite pupcation postcards a like or a share. 


The Pupcation Postcard Challenge winners will be announced at the Puppy Photographer Party on Thursday, July 30th. The party and award ceremony will be held at the Paiz Puppy Park in the Virtual World There. Participants and winners do not need to be present at the party to collect their gifts and prizes.

The Pupcation Postcard Challenge allowed for a total of five entries per participant. Each entry submitted was awarded a random number between 1 and 20. Scores for each entry were added together and the challenger with the most random points was chosen as the grand prize winner. We received so many fantastic postcard entries that we added prizes for first-runner up, second place and third place winners.

Grand Prize Winner
-Choice of Rare Dog Chester, Irving or Santos
-Fifi or Fido Top Dog Puppy Pal Prop
-Dog Trophy

1st Runner Up
– 2020 Dog Days of Summer Buggy
-Fifi or Fido Top Dog Puppy Pal Prop
-Dog Trophy

2nd Place
-Veterinarian Office
-Fifi or Fido Top Dog Puppy Pal Prop
-Dog Trophy

3rd Place
-Big Dog Surfboard Prop
-Fifi or Fido Top Dog Puppy Pal Prop
-Dog Trophy

All challengers will receive a PAWS For A Cause t-shirt and a dog treat from the There Pet Shop for participating. Prizes for 1st runner-up, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be passed out at the Puppy Photographer Party. The Grand Prize winner will need to choose which rare dog they’d like to take home and it will be deposited to their Avatar’s account within 72 hours after the end of the party. Top Dog Puppy Pal Props will be given out to the Grand Prize, 1st runner-up, 2nd and 3rd place winners at the party. If you are unable to attend the event we will gift/deposit the prizes to your Avatar account.

It has been great to see so many Thereians out exploring the islands with their dogs. The Pupcation Postcard Challenge created so many cute puppy pics and we can’t wait to share the best postcards to our Facebook page over the next several weeks.

Prizes for the photo challenge were awarded based on luck and not photographer skill. Here’s a small sample of the pupcation photos received during the challenge. 

BABS (3)

Photo submitted by B_A_B_S

FatJohn (2)

Photo submitted by FatJohn

Orielle (5)

Photo submitted by Orielle

LadyMisty (5)

Photo submitted by LadyMisty

coolnet (6)

Photo submitted by Coolnet560

RobbyBoy (3)

Photo submitted by RobbyBoy

verykerry (1)

Photo submitted by VeryKerry

Rock_Star_Dude (1)

Photo submitted by Rock_Star_Dude

The Pupcation Postcard Challenge was brought to you by the Dog Days of Summer event in the Virtual World There.

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