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Talk Like a Pirate…Dress Like a Pirate

Ye better look like a pirate if yer tryin’ to talk like one! Get ye’self some new threads, tough boots and a sharper sword if ye plan to set sail during Pirates of Theribbean.

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Women’s Summer There Games Apparel

Show your team spirit by dressing the part for the 2016 Summer There Games! Our designers have created stylish sportswear for the ladies to wear during the 10-day series of competitive events. Whether you want to go with a traditional toga or represent your color team with a sweet track suit or cheerleader uniform, there are many styles to choose from. Try on a couple of outfits for free and see which one you like best!

You can find a full list of Women’s There Games Apparel in all sixteen colors in the Auctions.

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Summer There Games 2016


Summer There Games (TSG) is a huge 10-day series of competitive events in There that runs from August 19th through August 28th. Everyone is invited to play in this fun and friendly competition!

There are sixteen Name Tag Color teams that will compete against each other to conquer the 2016 Summer Games Gold medal. Events happen at all hours of the day and range from round-ups to racing to card games and so much more!

Everyone is invited to play and is already part of a Name Tag Color Team. The color of your Name Tag team will tell you which team you are on. If you’re not sure which team you are on, head over to the Summer Games Welcome Center and use the handy Name Tag sign. When you click the sign’s action tag it will tell you what team you are on. Once you know your team, sign up for your Name Tag Color Club in order to receive invites and keep up with your teammates through the group IM chat.

Keep track of the daily points your color team earns by checking the official There Games Scoreboard. You can easily find and sign up for TSG events by clicking on the “Day” listed at the top of the Scoreboard. Day 1 through Day 10 will display the different events scheduled for each day.

The There Games Opening and Closing ceremonies will be held at the Summer There Games Island.

Opening Ceremony: Thursday, August 18th
There Games Competition: August 19th through August 28th
Closing Ceremony: Monday, August 29th

We look forward to seeing you at the 2016 Summer There Games!

2016 Summer There Games Merchandise


The 2016 Summer There Games are starting in a couple of weeks! Help promote There Games by decorating your home or club house with an official There Games poster or banner. Not only does your purchase help advertise the upcoming games, but the proceeds go towards keeping the Games events going every year as well as providing gifts for the winning teams. Add the 2016 Summer items to your growing There Games memorabilia!

Shop the official 2016 Summer There Games merchandise in the Auctions.



Create Your Own Virtual Neighborhood

Looking for a virtual private island to start your own community with family and friends in Neighborhoods are a great way to stay in touch with long distance loved ones. You can set up your virtual dream home on the same block as your buddies and log into There to see your friends on a daily basis.


Situated along the coast of Comet’s Peak is a beautiful 45-Acre private island with sandy beaches, rolling green hills and a large harbor for ships and boats. Enjoy carefree days with your buddies out on the water under the big blue skies. Start your dream Neighborhood today! Place your bid on Neighborhood 18901434. The monthly Neighborhood rent is due on August 18th. Auction ends July 27th.

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Neighborhood 18865063 is a beautiful 45-Acre private island Neighborhood located off the coast of Comet. This island is unique in that it has a freshwater lake in the middle of it. Lots of room for a boardwalk or harbor to dock all of your boats and ships. Start your own Neighborhood with family and friends today! Place your bid on Neighborhood 18865063. The Monthly rent is due on August 18th. Auction ends July 27th.

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Neighborhood Zones are essentially reserved areas of empty land on one of There’s islands. While the terrain of each Zone may differ, they are all “blank slates” with no pre-placed objects inside the Zone. This allows you, as a Neighborhood owner, and your tenants to build and create whatever you wish in your own space. When a Neighborhood Zone has been purchased, you can fill it with objects like trees, houses, and other decorative items.

There are hundreds of items to choose from in Shop Central and Auctions to decorate your Neighborhood. The possibilities are endless for a number of themes. A great place to start is the “Home and Garden” section. Happy decorating!



Queen’s Masquerade Ball


The Queen is having a dance to celebrate the end of There is Feudal  week. Dress your avatar up in fancy Renaissance clothes or a costume and wear a mask to keep your identity hidden at the Masquerade Ball. Well…technically your Nametag gives your identity away, but we can all play along by turning Nametags off. ‘wink

The Queen’s Masquerade Ball will be held at Karma Kastle on Tuesday, July 19th at 7:00 PM PT. Sign up early for the extravaganza, everyone will be there with their costumes on.

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UTB Monday, June 20th

PULSE Orlando Vigil In

This evening in, a silent vigil will be held for the shooting victims of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Everyone is invited to honor those who lost their lives to such tragic violence. We stand in solidarity and support with the LGBT community. If you would like to join the vigil, please sign up for the event that starts at 9:30 pm Pacific.


Island Games Gear

Gear up and get ready for Island Games! Special limited edition Island Games merchandise in now available in There Auctions for purchase. All proceeds go to support Island Games planning and events. Island Games competitive events run May 14th through the 22nd.

womensshirt mensshirt

Globe balloon

WallFlag TallBanner

View all of the Island Games merchandise in Auctions. Best of luck to all of the teams!

Decorate For There Games

Summer There Games are only a week away and Thereians are gearing up for hosting events, attending events and lounging around with friends in between events at their Nametag color hangout! Get your There Games gear out and decorate your space for the 2015 Summer There Games!

Our designers have created fun objects for use in official events as well as items to celebrate the Games and show off your team pride. Pick up some items to decorate with in the Auctions and don’t forget to grab some of the 2015 official Summer There Games merchandise.

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