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Splash Into Summer

Summer is officially here and it’s time to relax and enjoy the company of friends in There. Make sure you’re stocked up on everything you need to host a summer picnic, cookout or poolside party. There are great deals on summer items in the Auctions.

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Pick yourself up a PAZ and take it with you on a foot hike adventure across your favorite island in There. Drop your PAZ and set out a fancy picnic for your friends to enjoy as they soak up the scenery of our beautiful virtual world.

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Step up your backyard BBQ game with a new grill for your next cookout. Whether you like cooking with gas or charcoal, food always tastes best when it’s cooked outside. Don’t forget to grab hamburger and hot dog buns while you’re at the store!

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Be the summertime envy of all of your neighbors and install that new pool addition to your dream backyard. All the kids on the block will want to come to your pool party! Add some inner tubes and float toys for a fun time in the water.

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We’ve got you covered for everything you need to host your next picnic, pool party or cookout! Check out Shop Central and the Auctions for more summer necessities.