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Summer There Games Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve been hearing a lot about Summer There Games.  What is it?

Summer There Games is a huge 10-day event series in There that runs in the later part of summer.  Everyone is invited to play in this fun and friendly competition.  Events happen at all hours of the day and range from vehicle races to card games to quests and so much more!  No matter what your interest, you’re likely to find activities to enjoy.

In a nutshell, members compete at There Games to earn points for their team.  At the end, all the points are counted up and the team with the highest overall score wins the gold medal.  (The 2nd and 3rd place teams take the silver and bronze awards respectively.)

How can I join a team for There Games?

Congratulations, you are already part of a team!  We have 16 There Games teams based on the 16 avatar Nametag colors.  (The Nametag is the colored bar over your avatar’s head where your see your name.)  Everyone has a Nametag color that is randomly generated when you join There.

What if I can’t figure out what my Nametag color is?

If you aren’t sure what your Nametag color is, it’s easy to find out.  Just head over to to the Summer Games Welcome Center and find one of the handy Nametag signs.

When you click the sign’s action tag, it will tell you what color your Nametag is.  Once you know your Nametag color find your team club listed here.  Joining your team’s club is a great way to meet people, make new friends and keep up to date with what’s going on.

Do I have to join my Nametag team’s club to participate at There Games?

No. While joining your team’s club is a great way to connect with your fellow teammates, it is not required.  You can still go to There Games events and earn points for your team.  The event Hosts will be able to see which team you belong to by (you guessed it!) looking at your Nametag.

How do I sign up for an event?

It’s very easy to participate in Summer There Games. Search the keyword “TSG” on the Activities Page to see a handy list of all the TSG events. There are lots of events to choose from! Take a look and start signing up for the things that interest you. Whether you love the thrill of competition or prefer something more low key, you will find plenty of fun activities.

Some event descriptions state that points are given and others do not.  What’s the difference?

Some There Games events are competitive and award points to the teams based on who comes in 1st, 2nd, etc.  Other events are purely social for people who don’t want to compete but still want to participate in the Games. Event descriptions are marked accordingly to help you decide which events are right for you.

When you attend an event that awards points, the goal is to try to earn points for your Nametag team. At the end of There Games, all the points are counted up and the team with the highest overall score wins the gold medal.

How do I attend a There Games event after I’ve signed up?

When you sign up for an event, it will be added to your schedule.  To see a handy list of the events you have signed up for, go to the Activities Page and click the “My Upcoming Events” link.

If you are in world and sign up for an event that has already started, you’ll get a system message offering to take you there now.  Otherwise, you’ll get the message when the event begins.  If you accept, you’ll be teleported directly to the Zone where the event is happening.

What should I do when I arrive at a There Games event?

When you arrive at a There Games event and enter the Zone, the first thing you should do is look for a rule book.  Be sure to read this so you are familiar with the rules of the event.  If there is a Zone box in use, also keep an eye on this in case additional instructions are being given.  Become familiar with how the event is scored and what you should strive to do in order to win a point for your Nametag team.

For a fun team-building activity, you might want to start a group IM with other members of your Nametag team who are also participating in the event

I tried to go to my There Games event but got a message that the event is currently full.  What should I do?

If the event is currently full and you are unable to enter the Zone, wait for a system message to tell you when it’s your turn before you attempt to enter again. Trying to enter before it’s your turn will result in you being teleported back out of the Zone and moved to the bottom of the waiting list for the event. This will also create extra lag in the event and affect the Zone box, making it difficult for the Host(s) to properly communicate with the members inside.

Any other tips for attending a There Games event?

  1. Do not go AFK (away from keyboard) in a competitive, points-awarding event. If something comes up, please step out of the Zone and free up a space for someone who is actively waiting to compete for their team.
  2. Please have patience with the event Hosts. There Games events can be very hectic with a lot of specific instructions to follow for the event to run smoothly.  Keep yourself well informed by reading the rules and knowing who the Host(s) are in case you have questions.

How does scoring work at events?

Each event is unique in the way it is scored.  When you attend a There Games event, it’s very important to read the rules and listen to instructions given by the Host(s) at the beginning of the event.  This will give you an understanding of how you can compete and possibly earn points for your team.

I see lots of people running around with team-colored items.  Where can I find this stuff?

If you want some gear to show your team spirit, be sure to check out our There Games Shop.  Many designers have also created team gear that you can find for sale in the Auctions.

Can I find out how my team is doing during There Games?

If you would like to keep track of how the Games are going, you can check out the official There Scoreboard at http://www.therescore.com.

Point totals update automatically each time a Host enters the results from his or her event into the database.  Another handy feature on this page is the ability to see a list of the activities scheduled each day by simply clicking the links for Day 1, Day 2, etc.

Summer There Games Islands Open House

We’ve overhauled the Summer There Games Neighborhood! Come check out the newest upgrades the islands have to offer. We would like to invite you and your friends to an open house to tour the new buildings. coliseum, museum, statues & more!

There_There_Hoods_2015-08-03 19-16-11

Summer There Games Welcome Center

Start your tour out at the new Welcome Center where you can find information about the upcoming Summer Games. The new 2015 Summer merchandise is also on display! Pick up a poster, banner or flag to place in your own home or Neighborhood to help promote the Games. You can try on and purchase There Games clothing directly from our fashionable mannequins.

We’ve set up a Summer There Games Museum honoring clothing and merchandise from previous years. Don’t miss the one-of-a-kind winner’s platforms created for the very first Games event. Let us know if we are missing any Summer Games historical items that should be present in the Museum. Special thanks to Orielle for helping us track down most of the items on display.

There_There_Hoods_2015-08-03 19-21-45

Summer There Games Museum

Up on the Grassy Knoll, Club99 has set up a grand stage for the opening and closing ceremonies. They will provide music and dancing in celebration of the Summer There Games.

There_There_Hoods_2015-08-03 19-26-34

Get the party started at the Grassy Knoll with ClubRadio99!

With help from the community, we were able to track down and restore the Summer There Games statues to their prior glory. They now have a permanent home for everyone to admire and enjoy.

    There_There_Hoods_2015-08-03 19-10-00

The Nametag Team Hangouts introduced at the Winter There Games were so popular with the members we decided to bring the over to the Summer Hood too! The Summer Games Islands are now home to sixteen new Lots with open hosting rights. We’ve created one for each nametag color to use as a hangout during the STG events. Find your team hangout and start decorating!

There are two new Lots dedicated to table games in There. Summer Cards is available for open hosting during the Games and at other times. We also have set up several cracked tables over at Cracked Events. Pick up a brochure to find out how you can host at both Lots.

There_There_Hoods_2015-08-03 19-18-08

Host your own Cracked There Games Event!

If you are interested in hosting a There Games event, but not sure where to hold it at, there are two wonderful options in the Summer There Games Islands Neighborhood. If you are looking for a large grassy area, the There Games Park is available for open hosting. We also have Tiki Beach a waterfront Lot that is available as well. Contact PrincessPebbie if you would like to host an event during There Games.

We hope you enjoy the recent changes to the Summer There Games Islands! We’re looking forward to the upcoming Games and encourage everyone to participate and have fun.

The Games will be held this year from August 28th through September 6th. Keep an eye on our blog for upcoming information about activities and events as we get closer to the Summer There Games.

Calling All Event Hosts for the Summer There Games

Believe it or not, the next There Games is right around the corner! Are you ready to take it to the next level and step up to be a There Games Host this year? If you’re up for the challenge to organize and execute a highly populated event in the virtual world There, we want to hear from you!

There are so many fun types of events scheduled during the There Games. If you have an interest in cards, bingo, racing, paintball, socializing, underwater basket weaving or a creative idea for a new game where Thereians can earn points for their color team, you should be an event host! We need fun, creative, patient, responsible and friendly people like you to host unforgettable events that will be the talk of the Games.

If you are considering Event Hosting for the first time during There Games, there are plenty of seasoned hosts who are available to offer ideas, advice and help with setting up your events. They can provide tips and pointers for making your event go smoothly.

Perhaps you just want to get your feet wet as an Event Co-Host? Behind every great captain is an outstanding first-mate! Co-Hosts are needed for this Summer There Games as well.

Seasoned Event Hosts/Co-Hosts and newcomers alike are encouraged to contact PrincessPebbie or Riot_Girl_1 if you would like to be an important part of the upcoming Summer There Games!

The Games will be held this year from August 28th through September 6th.

Winter There Games Start This Week!


Get your game face on because the 2015 Winter There Games kick off at the end of this week! The sixteen teams are getting hyped for the Winter Games to begin. There has been a lot of activity lately in the Winter There Games Village and the different color teams have been having team meet ups at the name tag color hangouts. The Village is buzzing awaiting the start of a 10-day series of spectacular There Games events!

Please join us for the 2015 Winter There Games Opening Ceremony Event on Thursday, February 19th! The Ceremony will be held in the Winter There Games Village starting at 6:00 PM PST/9:00 PM EST. The Opening Ceremony will begin with a couple of speeches from the community followed by the running of the torches and lighting of the flame. There will be a special flyover formation by the Harrier Jet Flight Team at the end of the Opening Ceremony followed by a night of entertainment and dancing hosted by Club99. Head West of the Winter There Games Village to the Club99 PAZ  WTG 2015 to continue the celebration.

How do I know which team I’m on?

Everyone is invited to play and is already part of a team. The color of your name tag determines which team you are on. There are sixteen name tag colors. There is a handy name tag sign set out at the Winter Games Welcome Center. Click on the name tag sign and your avatar will type the name of your color team. Once you know which team you’re on, join your name tag color Club to stay in touch with fellow teammates.

How do I sign up for an event?

It’s fun and easy to participate in Winter There Games events. Click here to see a handy list of the official There Games events. Start signing up now for the events that look appealing to you. There are plenty of fun activities from low-key social gatherings to extreme racing and paintball.

How do I keep track of the daily scores?

Thanks to the handy Official There Games Scoreboard you can keep an eye on the daily totals and find out which team is in the lead. The Scoreboard also makes it easy to find and sign up for events listed for each individual day.

Have a question or want to know more about the upcoming Winter There Games events? Check out our helpful Frequently Asked Questions.

Women’s Winter There Games Apparel

Show your team spirit by dressing the part for the 2015 Winter There Games. Our designers have created stylish sportswear for the ladies to wear during the Games. Whether you want to go with a traditional toga or represent your color team with a sweet track suit or cheerleader uniform, there are many styles to choose from. Try on a couple of outfits for free and see which one you like best!

You can find a full list of Women’s There Games Apparel in all sixteen colors in the Auctions.

698396166 1041820922 1032501961

1033682853 1027916572 1028059045

Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with shoes! Team Color Super Bunny Shoes make you run faster and jump higher, giving you an edge on any foot-sport events during the Games.


Every Legendary Fashionista in There will have her Game gear on point this Winter Games. Don’t be left out in the cold without festive Games apparel to support your name tag color team! Shop the Official There Games Shop and the Auctions for designer duds.

Cast Your Vote For the 2015 WTG Name the Mascot Contest


Cast your vote to choose the name of the 2015 Winter There Games penguin mascot! Voting will close on February 6th. A special prize will be awarded to the Thereian that submitted the winning name.

2015 Winter There Games Are Right Around the Corner!


Winter There Games (WTG) is a huge 10-day series of events in There that run from February 19th through March 2nd. Everyone is invited to play in this fun and friendly competition. Participants earn points for their team, and the team with the most points at the end takes home the gold medal! Events happen at all hours of the day and range from vehicle races to card games to quests and so much more. Whatever your interests are, you’re likely to find activities to enjoy.

Winter There Games Schedule

Thursday, February 19th
Opening Ceremonies
Start Time TBD

Friday, February 20th – Sunday, March 1st
10-Day Winter There Game Events

Monday, March 2nd
Closing Ceremonies
Start Time TBD

Everyone is invited to play and is already part of a team. The color of your name tag will tell you which team you’re on. There are 16 name tag colors. If you aren’t quite sure where you belong, it’s easy to find out. Just head over to the Winter Games Welcome Center and use the handy name tag sign. When you click the sign’s action tag, it will tell you what color your name tag is and also give you a link to join your team! This is a great way to meet people and make new friends.

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2015-01-27 21-28-04

Keep track of the daily points your color team earns by checking the official There Games Scoreboard. You can easily find and sign up for WTG events by clicking on the “Day” listed at the top of the Scoreboard. Day 1 through Day 10 will display the different events scheduled for each day.


We are still in the planning stages of the Winter There Games. You are welcome to join us on Tuesday nights for WTG Planning Meetings. They are held at the WTG Ampitheater in the Winter There Games Village. There will be a meeting every week until the WTG start. Stop by if you are interested in hosting or co-hosting a WTG event. All suggestions and feedback about creating fun and fantastic WTG events for the Thereian community are welcome!

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2015-01-27 21-21-52

We’ve done a little housekeeping in the Winter There Games Neighborhood on Frosty. We’ve upgraded it to the new Winter There Games Village. There’s several new places to explore and two of the original Winter There Games statues have been restored. Stop by and check out the new buildings in the Winter There Games Village.

Keep an eye on our blog for upcoming information about contests, activities and events as we get closer to the Winter There Games.

The 2015 Winter There Games Are Coming!