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Beware of the Spookiest Haunted House in There!

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Do not tour the House of Shock and Horror alone! There is safety in numbers. You could get eaten by a werewolf, turned into a cat by an evil witch or chased after by a gang of unruly skeletons. Seriously, you could easily get lost on one of the three floors in this gargantuan haunted house. It’s good to have a buddy to help you find your way out, unless you both  become frozen with fear and have to teleport out to a much safer saved favorite.

Start your harrowing journey to the Haunted House at the Big Easy Halloween Club. Pay your respects to the dead who are buried throughout the large cemetery. Their ghosts haunt the gates of the Haunted House warning all those who dare to enter to beware. Several scaredy cats on the scene reported sightings of the ghost of Aral.

Walking through the cemetery you may find the man with the evil plan who constructed such a horrific monstrosity. The Haunted House host and builder is Thereian SuperDale and although he looks like the walking living dead, he is actually quite friendly.

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SuperDale shared with us that he has been working on constructing and building the Haunted House for the last three months. It is has been resurrected inside of three 100-Drop Neighborhood Lots. Three hundred items were carefully chosen and have been placed with great detail throughout the cemetery outside and in one of the many rooms inside of the house depicting ghastly and horrifying scenes to scare the pants off of your avie!

The Haunted House has three spacious floors to run around in and explore. On each floor you will find several rooms containing some of your worst nightmares. When you are done running through the ground floor look for the elevator that leads to the next floor. There are two elevators that lead to the top floor where you will find a bridge that exits the haunted house and crosses over the cemetery into the Big Easy Halloween Dance Club. SuperDale mentioned that there will be an Emote Dance Event sometime  on or around Halloween. Check the Activity listings for Halloween Events.

Make sure to tour the Haunted House more than once. There is so much to see that you might miss something. Items will be added and moved around through the month of October so there will always be something new to check out everyday. SuperDale mentioned that he is planning on giving daily tours. Check the Big Easy Halloween Club event list for scheduled guided tours.

If you are feeling inspired to build your own Haunted House in There, check out some of the spooky decorations used by SuperDale in his build and browse some of the haunted items he has created and listed in Auctions.

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