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Haunted House of Shock Tour

Creep your way through several scary and horrifying scenarios masterfully constructed by the most ambitious haunted house builder in virtual world There.com. Superdale has served up the most wicked tour of the Haunted House of Shock for those who dare to enter this Halloween season. Teleport to over to Danger Island and look for the spooky entrance to the haunted house. Make sure to take a group of friends with you for moral support. There’s safety in numbers! During the haunted tour, keep an eye out for quest clues to complete.

Halloween Decorating Contest

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Halloween is a hauntingly  good time of year in the virtual world There.com. Our Designers have endless ghoulish imaginations and have created spooky and grisly virtual items for our community to decorate with during the Halloween season. If you are planning on building a haunted house, outdoor bloodbath, creepy cemetery or a scary scene, we’d like to invite you to enter your Zone in the 2019 Halloween Decorating Contest for the chance to win a spooktacular gift. If  you are interested in participating in the contest, please read the guidelines. The deadline to submit your Haunted House is October 23rd. 

Search the Auctions for hundreds of decorative Halloween items. With so many scary virtual goods to choose from, your haunted house will be a scream!



Superdale’s House of Horrors

It wouldn’t be Halloween in the virtual world There.com without Superdale’s House of Horrors! Careful trick-or-treating in the RedWalks Neighborhood, you never know what kind of boogy-man or zombie is lurking nearby. Grab your pals because you are not going to want to explore this Halloween masterpiece by yourself. Remember safety in numbers!

Start your journey in the graveyard and venture through four 100-drop Lots till you reach the end. Superdale has really outdone himself with all of the little details. It will take you a couple of trips through to really appreciate the intricate builds in each haunted room.

Halloween House of Horrors

Superdale Mr. Halloween extraordinaire has done it again! Each year his Halloween builds in There.com get bigger and better. It’s hard to believe he could top the previous year, but you’d have to teleport over to the Big Easy Island and decide for yourself.

With a total of four 100-drop Lots, there’s so much blood and horror to see, you might miss some of the small details. It’s easy to get lost in the maze of Halloween frights. It might take more than one trip through to really soak in all of the spooky delights. So grab a group of friends if you dare and take a ride on the biggest Halloween scare!


Start your epic Halloween journey in the Place of Horror Graveyard. Here you will find a book of tales of unbelievable horror. Read along if you dare and find the first clue of many throughout the path of terror.


Find the graveyard escape route up the stairs and carefully walk down the rope bridge past the giant troll. If you’re really quiet and can contain your screams, he’ll remain asleep and you can slip past him. Enter the House of the Dead at your own risk!


Be careful to remain on the dock path wandering through Blood In The Bayou or your innards might be added to the blood bath below! Scurry past the fire breathing dragon and away from the army of ghosts to make it safely out the other side.


The last trail of terror on the ghastly tour is Fire In The Woods. This one might make you break a sweat! Make sure to keep your arms and clothing articles away from the flames. Be careful of creepy skeletons and things that go bump in the night along the way. Phew! You made it out alive without a scratch.

Create your own House of Terror with Halloween items available in the Auctions. Sign up for Halloween events celebrated throughout the month of October in There.com.


Haunted Big Easy Island

In celebration of Halloween, Superdale has created the mother of all haunted houses in There! The annual event held at Big Easy Island just seems to get bigger and better with every season.

Make sure to bring a friend or two on your journey throughout the never-ending Haunted House. If you get lost, remember there is safety in numbers. Start your tour at the Haunted Big Easy Island. As you cross the bridge over the blood bayou you will find a book of scary stories. Read on about the terrible things that happened to a little old lady. Begin your journey through the house of horror and answer clues to a haunted quest. The quest runs throughout the endless rooms decorated with corpses, headstones, creepy crawlers, vampires and things that go bump in the night.

Superdale has really outdone himself this year! There are over 330 drops that have gone into creating the haunted masterpiece. We spoke with Superdale and he had mentioned that he had over 72 hours of planning and building to create the haunted house for this year. There are already plans in the works for next year’s build.

It is really a horrific sight to see and one you won’t want to miss! You can catch one of the Haunted Quests or drop by the Haunted Big Easy Island anytime day or night to take a tour of the biggest haunted house in There.

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Creepy Places in There

Halloween is right around the corner and many fantastic spooky and scary places have started popping up all over There! From pumpkin patches to ghostly cemeteries to haunted houses to Halloween shops, there are plenty of creepy places in our virtual world to explore with your friends.

Martin71’s Halloween Cave at Mount Valley Beach Neighborhood is a scary sight with giant zombies  and a cave full of large hairy spiders. Watch out for burning lava! View the Halloween decorations that went into making this the creepiest cave in There!


Make sure to duck or you might get whacked in the head by an angry bat at LdyBlue’s Happy Halloween  lot in Angel Bay.  Click here to find out what kind of scary spiders, monsters and cobwebs she used to create a haunted house.


Don’t get lost in Gabriellaa’s corn maze at the Halloween Lot on Fantasy Island! View the Halloween decorations that went into making this spooktacular graveyard.


Visit the Halloween Headquarters Costume Shop in Spooky Hollow to check out the latest Halloween decorations and costumes. Interested in what you see? Check out the long list of haunted decorations shown on display in the store.


This is not your average stroll through the community park. XxmooniexX has created a scary sanctuary for all things that go bump in the night at Hood Park. Ghosts, goblins and scarecrows, oh my! Get a behind the scenes look at all of the decorations used to make up this creepy park.


It’s not too late to build your very own haunted house, creepy cemetery or pumpkin patch! Find Halloween decorations in the Auctions to create your very own spooky corner in There.  Once you’re done decorating don’t forget to host a hunted house event and enter your place into the 2015 Halloween Decorating Contest! Happy haunting in There!

Beware of the Spookiest Haunted House in There!

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2014-10-03 18-57-19

Do not tour the House of Shock and Horror alone! There is safety in numbers. You could get eaten by a werewolf, turned into a cat by an evil witch or chased after by a gang of unruly skeletons. Seriously, you could easily get lost on one of the three floors in this gargantuan haunted house. It’s good to have a buddy to help you find your way out, unless you both  become frozen with fear and have to teleport out to a much safer saved favorite.

Start your harrowing journey to the Haunted House at the Big Easy Halloween Club. Pay your respects to the dead who are buried throughout the large cemetery. Their ghosts haunt the gates of the Haunted House warning all those who dare to enter to beware. Several scaredy cats on the scene reported sightings of the ghost of Aral.

Walking through the cemetery you may find the man with the evil plan who constructed such a horrific monstrosity. The Haunted House host and builder is Thereian SuperDale and although he looks like the walking living dead, he is actually quite friendly.

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2014-10-03 17-45-10

SuperDale shared with us that he has been working on constructing and building the Haunted House for the last three months. It is has been resurrected inside of three 100-Drop Neighborhood Lots. Three hundred items were carefully chosen and have been placed with great detail throughout the cemetery outside and in one of the many rooms inside of the house depicting ghastly and horrifying scenes to scare the pants off of your avie!

The Haunted House has three spacious floors to run around in and explore. On each floor you will find several rooms containing some of your worst nightmares. When you are done running through the ground floor look for the elevator that leads to the next floor. There are two elevators that lead to the top floor where you will find a bridge that exits the haunted house and crosses over the cemetery into the Big Easy Halloween Dance Club. SuperDale mentioned that there will be an Emote Dance Event sometime  on or around Halloween. Check the Activity listings for Halloween Events.

Make sure to tour the Haunted House more than once. There is so much to see that you might miss something. Items will be added and moved around through the month of October so there will always be something new to check out everyday. SuperDale mentioned that he is planning on giving daily tours. Check the Big Easy Halloween Club event list for scheduled guided tours.

If you are feeling inspired to build your own Haunted House in There, check out some of the spooky decorations used by SuperDale in his build and browse some of the haunted items he has created and listed in Auctions.

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