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Animal Style Fashion Show

Dress your Avatar up in your favorite animal costume and hop up on the runway to win Dog Days of Summer gifts. Join other fashionistas in the Virtual World There on Sunday, July 25th at the Animal Fashion Show.

Animal Fashion Show Promo

The Animal Style Fashion Show will start at 4:00 PM Pacific on Sunday afternoon. Arrive at the event and read the rules. Change into your animal costume and walk the fashion runway when the Emcee calls your name. Emote, twirl or sit and look pretty as you tell the audience about your animal outfit of choice. As you exit the fashion stage roll the dice to be entered to win several fun animal prizes.

Models and spectators are welcome at the event. Models take a seat in the front row of the fashion stage. Spectators can cheer folks on from the second row.

Sign up for the Animal Style Fashion Show in There during the Dog Days of Summer event.



Women’s Summer There Games Apparel

Show your team spirit by dressing the part for the 2015 Summer There Games! Our designers have created stylish sportswear for the ladies to wear during the 10-day series of competitive events. Whether you want to go with a traditional toga or represent your color team with a sweet track suit or cheerleader uniform, there are many styles to choose from. Try on a couple of outfits for free and see which one you like best!

You can find a full list of Women’s There Games Apparel in all sixteen colors in the Auctions.

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Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with shoes! Team Color Super Bunny Shoes make you run faster and jump higher, giving you an edge on any foot-sport events during the Games.

ft0sh_bunny_blue ft0sh_bunny_ltgreen ft0sh_bunny_red

Every Legendary Fashionista in There will have her game gear on point this Summer. Don’t be without festive Games apparel to support your name tag color team this season! Shop the Official There Games Shop and the Auctions for designer duds.