Holiday Home of the Week 12-8-2014

Welcome back Home of the Week! One of our very own Thereians has visited many virtual homes in There and has shined the spotlight on Tumble_Weed’s holiday home on Frosty. Read on for a great interview and photos of her rustic winter cabin.


There_Ant1977_2014-12-05 07-28-41

In the spirit of this holiday season, I have chosen to spotlight Tumble_Weed’s beautiful home, hidden in the mass of PAZ’s outside Santa’s Village on Frosty Island.  Continue reading for an interview with Tumble_Weed.

Home of the Week:  What is your favorite thing about the holidays and what do you do to make them special?
Tumble_Weed: Hanging around with friends.
Home of the Week: Is this the only home you own, and if so do you plan on acquiring anymore?
Tumble_Weed: No it is not my only home, I also have a home on Hippie Islands.
Home of the Week: What was your inspiration for decorating your home?
Tumble_Weed: Its Christmas that’s all the inspiration you need!
Home of the Week: Do you have a favorite place in your house?  If so, where and why?
Tumble_Weed:  The Living room sitting by the fire!
Home of the Week: What are your favorite items in…

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