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Frosty Nights & Warm Winter Cabins


Oh the weather outside is frightful, but inside it’s so delightful! Cozy up next to the fire in your very own home on Frosty Island. Enjoy snow-covered terrain and the beautiful pink, purple and orange skies of this delightful island in There shaped like a snowman.

Make yourself at home in a two-story winter cabin located in Santa’s Village. This lovely home offers a dining room, living room, family room and upstairs loft. Complete with outdoor lights and frozen icicles.

The snow-covered cabin is included free with the monthly rental of a one-acre Development Lot. Join the Santa’s Village Development Group first before picking out your new homestead. To rent a holiday cabin for the winter, step into the Lot and go to This Place on your menu bar and clicking information about For Rent. Here is a helpful article about setting up your Development Lot in the Santa’s Village Development Zone.

You can purchase furniture, artwork and a Christmas tree from Shop Central or the Auctions to decorate your cabin for the holidays. Our Designers have created many different styles of holiday home decor for you to choose from. Once you’ve got your home decorated to your liking, you can create an event and invite your friends and new neighbors to a housewarming party.

2018-11-29 (1)If you’d like to build your own home from scratch, you can purchase a PAZ from Shop Central and drop it anywhere around Santa’s Village on the Island of Frosty. Pick and choose what kind of furniture and decorations you would like to have in your home.

There are also two Neighborhoods located on Frosty that are welcoming new tenants. Make yourself at home at Candy Cane Lane or Winter Wonderland.

Holiday Home of the Week 12-8-2014

Welcome back Home of the Week! One of our very own Thereians has visited many virtual homes in There and has shined the spotlight on Tumble_Weed’s holiday home on Frosty. Read on for a great interview and photos of her rustic winter cabin.


There_Ant1977_2014-12-05 07-28-41

In the spirit of this holiday season, I have chosen to spotlight Tumble_Weed’s beautiful home, hidden in the mass of PAZ’s outside Santa’s Village on Frosty Island.  Continue reading for an interview with Tumble_Weed.

Home of the Week:  What is your favorite thing about the holidays and what do you do to make them special?
Tumble_Weed: Hanging around with friends.
Home of the Week: Is this the only home you own, and if so do you plan on acquiring anymore?
Tumble_Weed: No it is not my only home, I also have a home on Hippie Islands.
Home of the Week: What was your inspiration for decorating your home?
Tumble_Weed: Its Christmas that’s all the inspiration you need!
Home of the Week: Do you have a favorite place in your house?  If so, where and why?
Tumble_Weed:  The Living room sitting by the fire!
Home of the Week: What are your favorite items in…

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