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2016 Summer There Games Merchandise


The 2016 Summer There Games are starting in a couple of weeks! Help promote There Games by decorating your home or club house with an official There Games poster or banner. Not only does your purchase help advertise the upcoming games, but the proceeds go towards keeping the Games events going every year as well as providing gifts for the winning teams. Add the 2016 Summer items to your growing There Games memorabilia!

Shop the official 2016 Summer There Games merchandise in the Auctions.



Sunday Books and Tea

Read any good books lately? Talk about your favorite literature over a steamy beverage at Books and Tea hosted by Jessica_6. This event is hosted weekly on Sunday afternoons. Stop by and chat about your favorite authors and books with fellow book readers. Books and Tea starts today at 2:00 PM PST/5:00 PM EST. Sign up now for the event.


Photo Credit: Francis_7

Choose Your Own Name Tag Color


Every avatar born in There has a Name Tag. Name Tag colors are randomly assigned as Member Accounts are created. There are a total of sixteen colors. Twice a year There Games are held in our 3-D Virtual World where Thereians join their Name Tag color team to participate in competitive events.

Each year during the Games, there is a Name Tag blackout period where Thereians cannot change their Name Tag color. This happens two weeks prior to the start of the Games and lasts till two weeks after the end of the Games. For the upcoming 2016 Summer There Games, the blackout dates will be August 5th through September 11th.

The majority of Thereians choose to participate in the Games with the Name Tag color they were born with, but some members want to be on the same Name Tag color team as their friends. There allows members to choose their own Name Tag colors for a fee of 36,000T. If you’d like to change your Name Tag color for the Games, you’ll need to make sure to do it before August 5th.

Keep in mind that your previous Name Tag color team may be sad to see you go. You’ll also need to buy a new There Games team uniform, accessories and props to match your new Name Tag color since the current There Games merchandise you have in your inventory will not change colors. Please make sure you’ve chosen the right Name Tag color as there are no refunds for switching over to a new color if you accidentally pick the wrong one.


Call For Summer Games Event Hosts


The There Games are hailed as one of the largest crowd-drawing events in There.com.  The foundation of the Games is the creative, fun and competitive events dreamed up and put on by friendly There Games event Hosts and Co-Hosts. Each year There Games competitors look forward to the unique types of events offered by each Host. There are all kinds of competitors with different interests, skill levels and abilities who seek out events like card games, vehicle races, costume parties, round-ups, underwater basket weaving and tons of other types of rewarding events. In order to have a successful There Games we need Event Hosts and Co-Hosts who are fired up and ready to put on fun and fantastic events for the competitors. We are putting out a call to all past, present and future Hosts to sign up to host a  There Games event this summer season.

There_Pyrena_Zosime_2014-08-13 18-17-57

If you are a seasoned Host or still climbing up the Event Host skill ladder, we’d love to have your participation in the upcoming Summer There Games. The Host Coordinators have a lot of great documents and information about Hosting events in There to share with you. There is a weekly meeting for There Games Event Hosts where you can get advice and support on how to set up and manage your event. They can help you get your events listed in the Official Scoreboard and help you figure out how you would like to score your event. The Host Coordinators  have come up with a helpful document for Event Hosts to learn about new and creative ways to score There Games events.

If you’re interested in hosting a Summer There Games event, sign up for the There Games Hosting Group to stay in contact with other Hosts and receive updates about important Host information. The weekly Host Meetings are held at There Games Park. The meetings are an hour-long and you can discuss your ideas and get feedback from other Hosts. Attending the meetings are not required, but they can be really helpful.  If you’re interested in hosting and can’t stop by a meeting, you can contact the Host Coordinators directly by ThereMail. The Host Coordinators for the 2016 Summer There Games are B_A_B_S & fatjohn. You can reach out to them if you have any questions.

We look forward to your Summer There Games Events!


B.A.B.S. Dragon Flotilla

The skies were filled with shiny stars and fire breathing dragons tonight in There over the mysterious island of Tyr. We captured some of the magical moments the Thereian community spent with the giant mythical creatures during the B.A.B.S. There is Feudal Dragon Floatilla event.














There Is Feudal Castle Tours

Join the raid, we’re stormin’ the castle! The royals have a giant stash of treasure and gold hidden within the castle walls. Go back in time during There is Fuedal and take in the wonder that is Karma Kastle. Self-guided castle tours are scheduled daily in There.com.



There_Lightning_Betty_2016-07-14 01-29-26

There_Lightning_Betty_2016-07-14 02-29-51

Thereian Renaissance – Play The Part

As Thereians go back in time this week for There is Feudal, make sure your avatar has the appropriate attire for the Renaissance period. Play the part as a knight in shining armor, village peasant or the royal  Queen. Our Designers have everything you need to look your best for medieval week in the There.

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Go Back In Time in There

Teleport back to the distant land of lords, ladies and dragons this week in our virtual world community with the Renaissance Faire event There is Feudal.


There is discord in the village and the peasants must relocate. Join your host KatesHappy at Karma Kastle with your PAZ in hand to find new land to conquer and settle upon for a fun week of medieval events. There is Feudal runs July 12th through the 19th.


Photo Credit B.A.B.S. Community Facebook Page

The skies will be full of fire breathing dragons during There is Feudal! Don’t miss out on the B.A.B.S. dragon floatilla happening the evening of July 13th. Catch a ride with friends or harness your own dragon and take over the skies.

There are many other exciting events during There is Feudal. Search “TIF” on the Activites page for card games, cross-country racing and the Queen’s Masquerade Ball to finish off this exciting medieval week in There.

There Community Garden Open House

Celebrate the return of the Community Garden by planting your own piece of paradise in There! The There Community Garden offers a variety of Lots where you can join other members in planting trees, flowers and plants for the entire community to enjoy. Join Staff on Wednesday, July 6th at 5:30 PM PST for the Community Garden Open House event!


There are several new affordable garden Lots available for members interested in exercising their green thumbs, including 1/4-Acre, 1/2-Acre and 1-Acre Development Lots. If you haven’t seen the Garden yet, take a tour and explore its beautiful sights.

To start decorating your own Garden Lot, first join the Development Group. Then visit the garden Development Lots available for rent to find the perfect location. Flat green Lots are available in the lower region of the garden, perfect for placing rows of fruit and vegetables. Hillside Development Lots are located in the upper region of the garden for a greater building challenge.

Once you’ve found a Lot you really like, check out the latest landscape and garden designs in Auctions for a wide selection of items to plant in your garden. Have fun and let your creativity bloom!


Fourth of July Fireworks


Celebrate Independence Day in There with a boom! Create your own spectacular fireworks show and invite the neighbors over.  There are many different sizes and colors of pyrotechnics available in Auctions. Set up a combination of several fireworks to get the most ooohhh’s and aaahhh’s out of the crowd.

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If you want to put on a spectacular show, there are interactive fireworks available in Shop Central. You can launch them one at a time and choose the color of the explosion. The fun part about launching them is hearing them sizzle out of the launcher and explode in the sky. Mix one of these bad boys in with the automated fireworks and you’ll have yourself one heck of a firework finale! Fireworks look best when you turn your Zone into a moonlit night sky.